On the Road to Student Success: Designing Lessons that Maximize Student Learning

Author(s): Lynda Fote, Mary Ann Joseph

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2017


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Together Lynda Fote and MaryAnn Joseph have more than 90 years in education.  Lynda worked as a general and special education teacher in New Jersey and New York before spending 18 years as a Learning Disabilities Consultant.  For the last 21 years she has been a consultant, working with teachers through the state of New Jersey to design lessons to meet the needs of all their students.  MaryAnn is a National Board certified teacher and has taught in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Virginia, California, Georgia, Hawaii. She now works as a Special Education Consultant for the New Jersey Department of Education. This book and the accompanying website are a collaboration, meant to share what they have learned and taught about lesson design, instruction and assessment to help teachers design lessons that maximize student learning.


A Note from the Author

Continuing the Discussion – Second Edition









Units: On the Road to Student Success
Weather: Sample Lesson Plan
Weather: Sample Unit of Study
Water, Water Everywhere: Unit Summary
Water, Water Everywhere: Sample Unit of Study
To Kill a Mockingbird: Unit Summary
To Kill a Mockingbird: Sample Unit of Study
Cause and Effect: Sample Lesson Plan
Using Ratios to Solve Problems: Sample Lesson Plan 229

Implementing the Model

A Personal Note to Candidates who are Working toward National Board Certification by MaryAnn Joseph NBCT




Lynda Fote

Mary Ann Joseph

Since their first edition of Accomplished Teaching, the Key to National Board Certification, Bess Jennings and MaryAnn Joseph have had the privilege of presenting their work nationally, including presentations at NBPTS Conferences. Across the country, they continue to work with colleagues as teacher leaders. For both MaryAnn and Bess, being an NBCT means an opportunity to continue learning from candidates and other colleagues the real meaning of accomplished teaching. They share the fruits of their continued collaboration within these new pages. Bess lives in a rural area on the island of Hawaii. As a Complex Area Resource Teacher for the Hawaii State Department of Education, she works as a member of the leadership team for local area schools to promote standards-based teaching practices and assist with the implementation of various state initiatives. She is also an adjunct faculty member and Hawaii program liaison for an online NBC Master¿s Degree developed by National University in La Jolla, California. In New Jersey, MaryAnn is the program coordinator for the Educational Information and Resource Center NBPTS statewide support classes. She is a member of CAPP ¿ the Committee to Advance Professional Practice, a group of professional and business persons who are working to promote the professional development of teachers through the National Board Teaching Standards in New Jersey.

"Finally! A book dedicated to providing teachers with strategies that are high interest, differentiated and aligned to with challenging standards. These lessons are easy to implement, teacher friendly, and help promote student success whether you are in a collaborative setting or a self-contained environment.  Thank you."

-Belia Acosta and Kathryn LoPresti, Elementary Special Education Teachers

"Fote and Joseph have empowered teachers with the ability to craft lessons which ultimately lead to increased student engagement, confidence and success, all the while meeting the rigorous objectives of our curriculum. These practical strategies can be embedded in lessons across the content areas to include students with a full range of learning abilities and styles."

-Kelly Mason, 5th Grade Teacher

"Teachers have walked away from these workshops boasting, ‘That was the best workshop I have ever attended’. Teachers are creating more student-centered learning opportunities than they have ever before and I see how these resources that positively impacted instruction in our classrooms."

-Kelly Saia, High School Assistant Principal

"If knowledge is power, it is also obligation. Consider this question, what did you learn about your students today that will drive your lesson planning tomorrow? As teachers, it is our obligation, a daily challenge on the Road to Student Success, to continually, relentlessly, become students of our students and to use that knowledge to design lessons that promise success for each student. Our admiration for teachers who commit to this work is boundless. This book is for you."

-Lynda Fote and MaryAnn Joseph, Authors of On The Road to Success: Designing Lessons that Maximize Student Learning

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ISBN 9781524914288

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