Russian Stage One: Live from Russia: Volume 1

Author(s): American Council of Teachers of Russian

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2008

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Russian Stage One: Live from Russia! Vol. 1  is the first part of a comprehensive program for elementary Russian when used along with Russian Stage One: Live from Russia! Vol 2. This program reflects the social, cultural, and linguistic norms of contemporary Russia and its richly diverse regions.

This learning package includes: textbook, workbook, CD and DVD.

DVD Videos:The new 120-minute video adventure on DVD, re-enacts the original Live from Moscow! story in the dynamic atmosphere of Russia today. Based on the daily experiences of a young American, Kevin, who interacts with contemporaries in today's rapidly changing Russia, Live from Russia! uses Russian language in life-like, authentic social interactions, providing necessary support for the university-level two-semester or the intensive introductory course. All the episodes are interconnected by an engaging plot line, a "soap opera." Kevin finds himself in a wide range of inherently interesting personal, cultural, and social situations, as he and his friends encounter the realities of the Russian housing situation, university exams, law enforcement authorities, university officials, romantic attachments, travel, jealousy, and a rich array of misunderstandings, some based on false cultural assumptions.

Video Postcards: Highlights of the geographical and cultural diversity of modern Russia including Kazan', Khanty-Mancijsk, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Yalta, Yaroslavl', and others. Web Support: Web-supported throughout via ACTR's national resource sharing website, with coordinated weblinks, documentary material, blogs, electronic dictionary, PowerPoint slides for classroom use, Russian MTV and other cultural source materials with supporting exercises, and an online teacher's manual.

Other titles for this program include:

Russian Stage One: Live from Russia! Vol 2 - part two for elementary Russian.
Welcome Back! Russian Stage Two - second-year program for intermediate Russian.


American Council of Teachers of Russian

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ISBN 9780757552014

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