Russian Stage Two: Welcome Back!

Author(s): American Council of Teachers of Russian

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2010

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Cynthia Martin, Ph.D., University of Maryland
Irina Dolgova, Ph.D., Yale University

Russian Stage Two: Welcome Back! is a video-based second-year course for learners of Russian at the intermediate level of study. The goal of this second-year course is to improve functional competence in speaking, listening, reading, and writing by: 1) activizing the base grammar generally covered in an elementary course; and 2) doubling the learner's active vocabulary to reach roughly 1,600-2,000 words.  In terms of the ACTFL proficiency scale, the aim is to provide the learner with the tools necessary for attaining a solid intermediate mid-level of oral proficiency.

The course materials are based on a video series shot in Russia that takes us back to Russia to see how our friends from Russian Stage One are doing. The program consists of a main textbook, two student workbooks (one for each semester), DVD, and two audio CDs.  

Features of the Third Edition:

  • DVD will have additional video footage added in small segments to use with homework assignments - the videographer had too much good footage that didn't make it into the video storyline.
  • Much expanded online Instuctor's Manual (IM) - a large selection of readings (history, current events, literature, etc) will be found to augment each lesson.  The IM will continue to expand over the next year.
  • Web links will be included in text and workbooks to guide students to great sites to learn history and Russian culture
  • Content in course can be managed by the 3x a week format but additional materials will meet the needs of the 6x a week program.
  • Greatly expanded listening activities which are interactive - not just imitation.
  • Large Russian interactive pronunciation guide will be available at the Web site.
  • Student projects include both individual and group projects.  

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American Council of Teachers of Russian

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ISBN 9780757563430

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