Sacred Time: An Ethnographic Case Study of Historical & Fantasy Reenactors

Author(s): Karol Chandler-Ezell

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2017

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PART I: Ethnography And Anthropology

Chapter 1: Why Study Reenactors? Preconceptions and Biases

What Are Reenactors?

Social Factors and Negative Misconceptions

Chapter 2:  Ethnographic Studies and Anthropology

Ethnographic Studies: How Anthropologists Study Living People

Subcultures, Microcultures, and Paracultures: Studying Complex Societies

Chapter 3: Fieldwork Methods and Tools for Ethnographic Research

Methods and Fieldwork in Ethnography

Cultural Domains

Methodological Approaches to Sampling Cultural Domains

Theoretical Approaches for Studying Intracultural Variation

Limitations of Some Approaches


Chapter 4: Research design: An overview of the Project

Research Population and Sample Terms

Interview Environment


PART II: The Reenactors: Who ARE They?

Chapter 5: Society for Creative Anachronism

The S.C.A.: It Started With a Party

To Play

The Characters and Events

SCA Environment

Fieldwork Experience

Chapter 6: Renaissance Faires and Festivals


Old Festivals and Faires as Public Ritual

Renaissance Faires in the U.S

Characters and Types of Rennies

Unique Qualities of Faires their Reenactors

Chapter 7: Civil War Reenactors

Introduction: Civil War Reenacting: It’s not What You Think

Fieldwork with Civil War Reenactors

The War on Replay: History of Civil War Reenacting

Modern Civil War Reenactors

What Do Civil War Reenactors Do?

The War on Replay

Why This War?

PART III: Theory And Conclusions

Chapter 8: Creating new Culture

Cultural Mechanisms for Creating New Cultures and Subcultures

Revitalization Movements

Wallace and Revitalization as an Adaptive Process

The Processual Structure

Invention of Tradition

Chapter 9: Conclusions

Differences and Similarities Among Reenactors

Reenacting, Ritual, and Communitas

The Period Rush; Sacred Time for Reenactors


Karol Chandler-Ezell

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ISBN 9798765757635

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