Service Management Principles for Hospitality and Tourism

Author(s): Jay Kandampully, David Solnet

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2018

Pages: 344


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Research, teaching interests and collective industry experiences have led to a strong belief that service management theory provides a vital conceptual framework with near perfect applicability in hospitality and tourism.

Service Management Principles for Hospitality & Tourism guides managers to a new perspective that sees hospitality and tourism as essential service businesses requiring a holistic cross-functional approach to meeting customers’ needs within the context of personal relationships and experience. This edition includes references and examples about how service organizations can capitalize on, or are impacted by ongoing technological and social changes impacting the world, such as the sharing economy, social media, mobile and wearable technologies, online communities and more.

Service Management Principles for Hospitality & Tourism:

  • incorporates pedagogical features including examples, review questions, study objectives, chapter outlines, key words, diagrams and photos, tips boxes, and more!
  • surveys many topics covering operations, marketing, and human resources.
  • provides a sound set of principles of service management.

This text introduces students to a range of interrelated topics that are fundamentally critical to success in service enterprises.

Chapter  1 – Introduction: The Metamorphosis of Service

Chapter 2 – The Nature of Service

Chapter 3 – Service Quality

Chapter 4 – Understanding and Engaging Customers

Chapter 5 – Service Vision, Service Design and the Service Encounter

Chapter 6 – Service Marketing: Managing Customer Experiences and Relationships

Chapter 7 – Service Guarantees, Service Failure and Service Recovery

Chapter 8 – Managing and Engaging Employees in Service Organizations

Chapter 9 – Leadership for Service Organizations

Chapter 10 – Bringing Service Management to Life!  Case Studies of Best Practice

Jay Kandampully

Jay Kandampully Ph.D., is professor of service management and hospitality at The Ohio State University, USA. He is the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Service Management, and serves on the editorial advisory board of 12 refereed international journals. Jay also serves as the CTF International Fellow at the University of Karlstad, Sweden, and International Fellow at the University of Namur, Belgium. He holds a PhD in service management, and an MBA, with a specialization in services marketing, both from the University of Exeter, England. Jay is the author of the book “Services Management: The New Paradigm in Hospitality” (translated into Chinese). He is also editor of the following books: “Service Management: The New Paradigm in Retailing” (translated into Chinese); “Service Management in Health & Wellness Services”; “Customer Experience Management: Enhancing Experience and Value through Service Management”; and, the lead editor of the book, “Service Quality Management in Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure” (translated into Chinese, Korean and Arabic). Jay has published over 130 articles. His publications have appeared in journals such as: Journal of Service Management, European Journal of Marketing, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, The Service Industries Journal, Journal of Services Marketing, Managing Service Quality, Journal of Consumer Behaviour, and The Journal of Product & Brand Management.

David Solnet

David Solnet, Ph.D., is an associate professor of service management and hospitality at The University of Queensland’s Business School in Brisbane, Australia. He is also the managing director of Shift Directions, a management consulting firm specializing in business improvement programs, financial analysis, service quality improvement and management development programs. David comes from a restaurant management background, with 18 years of experience including senior management roles in the USA and Australia. His research, teaching and consulting all focus on managing and leading service organizations, with particular emphasis on managing the employee-customer interface through various organizational psychology lenses. He has published widely in leading academic journals, book chapters and trade publications in the areas of service management, managing and motivating service employees and organizational service climate.

Service Management Principles for Hospitality and Tourism is a valuable resource for students and practitioners of hospitality/tourism management. It does an excellent job of discussing the fundamentals of service management and their relevance for the hospitality/tourism sector. The authors' extensive academic training and practical experience in the field are evident in the rigor, clarity and illustration of the concepts covered in the book.
A. "Parsu" Parasuraman | Professor of Marketing & The James W. McLamore Chair Director of Doctoral Programs
University of Miami

In Service Management Principles for Hospitality and Tourism, Kandampully and Solnet effectively open the door to the important world of managing service in the hospitality and tourism industries.  This book is an important tool for instructors in providing an introduction to the management of hospitality and tourism service.
James L. Heskett | UPS Foundation Professor Emeritus
Harvard Business School
co-author of The Service-Profit Chain

To develop customer-focused management and marketing in tourism and hospitality industries in the service-dominated environment of today, a thorough understanding of service management principles is a must. Service Management Principles for Hospitality and Tourism provides genuinely new and much needed insights for students and practitioners alike.
Professor Christian Grönroos
Hanken School of Economics, Finland

I loved using Service Management Principles for Hospitality and Tourism!  The test questions were great and the students like the format and organization of the book.  If other faculty members are considering adopting the book and have questions or need a recommendation, please send them my way and I’ll be happy to tell them about my great experience! 
Lydia Hanks, Ph.D.
Florida State University

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