SpeechShark: A Public Speaking Guide

Author(s): Penny Waddell

Edition: 4

Copyright: 2022


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Don’t be the guppy in a shark tank; Be a SpeechShark!

SpeechShark: A Public Speaking Guide provides a practical approach for writing, preparing, and presenting effective speeches.  This user-friendly workbook creates a foundation for novice and experienced speakers to organize thoughts and present content so that audiences will be begging for more. Sixteen chapters are sequenced to cover all aspects of planning and presenting highly effective speeches along with the help of assignment worksheets which can be easily removed from the printed book or edited using eBook features.

Access the included speech writing app, SpeechShark, to write, prepare, rehearse, present, and store speeches. These unique tips and tools will have you navigating effortlessly through the murky waters of public speaking and thinking like a speechwriter, organizing ideas, speaking with confidence, and developing the thick skin and fearless attitude of a SpeechShark!

The SpeechShark app helps you:

  • craft, draft, edit, manage, rehearse, present, and store speeches
  • design a speech presentation that is logical and effective
  • follow guidelines used by professional speech writers
  • rehearse using the notecards / timing feature before the presentation
  • speak confidently because you are prepared

It's the newest must-have app for business professionals, students, novice and experienced speakers!

Unit 1: Foundations of Public Speaking
Chapter 1 Public Speaking
Chapter 2 Speaker and Audience Responsibilities

Unit 2: Types of Speeches and Methods of Delivery
Chapter 3 Types of Speeches
Chapter 4 Specialty Speeches
Chapter 5 Methods of Delivery

Unit 3: Planning the Speech
Chapter 6 Conducting an Audience Analysis
Chapter 7 Defining the Purpose
Chapter 8 Choosing a Topic
Chapter 9 Conducting Research
Chapter 10 Understanding Speech Outlines
Chapter 11 Constructing the Outline

Unit 4: Creating Visual Aids
Chapter 12 Creating Effective Visual Aids
Chapter 13 Working with a Tech Team

Unit 5: Presenting the Speech
Chapter 14 Presentation Skills
Chapter 15 Rehearsing the Speech and Creating a Speech Day Checklist
Chapter 16 Evaluating the Speech

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Penny Waddell

Dr. Penny Joyner Waddell has been teaching public speaking courses and coaching students and clients to become better communicators for over twenty years. In 2013, she was awarded the National Communication Association, Community College Educator of the Year Award as a result of her accomplishments. For the past three years, she has coached SkillUSA speakers to win first place in the United States for competitions which include extemporaneous, prepared speech, and job interview skills.  She was awarded the Toastmasters Advanced Communicator Distinction and was also awarded as the Region's Most Valued Member for leading her collegiate chapter to earn the President's Distinguished Award. Dr. Waddell is the author of Going from Stress to Success published by Pearson Publishers.  Recently, she developed SpeechShark, a speechwriting App, available for IOS and Android devices in the Apple Store and in GooglePlay.   

It was with great pleasure that Dr. Waddell and Kendall Hunt teamed together with Travice Obas to write SpeechShark, a Public Speaking Guide and companion book for the App. Dr. Waddell continues to break new ground creating instructional materials to reach young adult, adult collegiate audiences. business professionals, and community members as they work to develop communication skills to help them achieve personal and professional goals.

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