Statistics for Psychology

Author(s): Gayle Dow

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Statistics instructor and educational psychologist Gayle T. Dow has created a statistics for psychology publication that enables students to develop a skill set to use in their future careers. 

Based on the author’s extensive teaching and educational psychology background, Statistics for Psychology presents information at a different pace to benefit today’s generation of students.

Dr. Gayle T. Dow’s Statistics for Psychology:

  • presents an overview of the fundamental principles of statistics used in the field of psychology.
  • includes SPSS assignments for main topics with corresponding online videos to visually walk students through the steps.
  • integrates assignments that comply APA (American Psychology Association) style for presenting data and statistical analysis.
  • features expanded coverage of ANOVA and post-hocs - which is a very complex topic where students typically struggle and need more examples and practice.
  • is based on principles of learning theory to accommodate student learning and understanding.
  • is easy to adopt! Adopting instructors will receive PowerPoint lectures, text banks, and homework assignment to incorporate in their classrooms.

Chapter 1: Data & Distributions

Chapter 2: Distributions

Chapter 3: Normal Curve

Chapter 4: Polling / Confidence Intervals

Chapter 5: Single Sample t-Test

Chapter 6: Dependent t-Test

Chapter 7: Independent t-Test

Chapter 8: Chi-Square

Chapter 9: Correlation

Chapter 10: Regression

Chapter 11: One-Way Anova

Chapter 12: Anova Post-Hocs

Chapter 13: Two-Way Anova Main Effects

Chapter 14: Two-Way Anova Interactions

Chapter 15: Repeated Measures Anova

Gayle Dow

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ISBN 9798765743546

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