Sustainability Management Certified Professional (SMCP): The First Professional Accreditation

Author(s): Rose Luke, Mary Jo Press

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2020


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The members of the Sustainability Management Association, believe that we can reverse the course of environmental degradation, corruption, and climate change by taking action. Now is the time to do what we can to practice human kindness, governance, and stewardship. We believe that each one of us makes a difference, and together we can accomplish great feats.

The study guide serves four purposes:

1) to increase your sustainability management knowledge, skills and abilities to become a change agent

2) to prepare you to take the certification exam for the SMCP/SMCA

3) to train your workforce on managing sustainability

4)  to develop and empower the frontline management team's ability to create a culture of sustainability


The Sustainability Management Certified Professional (SMCP), study guide is written by professionals for professionals and students to certify your exposure to a body of knowledge that attests to your knowledge, skills, and abilities in managing sustainability. The certifying body of the SMCP certification is the Sustainability Management Association.


Certification is granted in two levels of distinction:

Sustainability Management Certified Professional (SMCP)

Sustainability Management Certified Associate (SMCA)

The certification examination questions are derived directly from this study guide. This study guide organizes key management principles and concepts to strategically position organizations to achieve long-term success. 

The study guide begins with strategic goals, drills down to developing tactics, and then project management for operations to manage environmental, social, and economic key performance indicators.

This study guide contains the license code needed to take the exam. The print book contains a scratch-off code. If purchasing the e-book, the certification exam code will be emailed right away. Please keep it in a safe place for when it is time to register for the online exam.


About the Authors

Chapter 1: Strategic Sustainability Management
Learning Objectives
Strategic Management
What Is Sustainability Management?
Embedding Sustainability Management into Strategy
Benefits and Risks of Pursuing Sustainability Management
Sustainable Organization
Holistic Management Decision Making
Sustainability Management System (SMS) Policy
Sustainability Terminology and Frameworks
Engineering Approaches
Social Responsibility
ISO 26000—Social Responsibility
Experiential Exercise

Chapter 2: Systems Thinking Approaches and Environmental Metrics
Systems Thinking Approaches
Systems Thinking and System Dynamics Approaches
Achieving and Measuring Efficiency
Environmental Management Metrics
Emissions Management and Metrics—Carbon Footprint
Experiential Exercises

Chapter 3: Policies for Decision Making and Change Management
Chapter Overview
Sustainability Management System (SMS) Policy
Environmental Management System (EMS) Policy
Environment Preferable Purchasing (EPP) Policy
Experiential Exercises

Chapter 4: Aligning Business Systems to Achieve Systemic Change
Aligning Business Systems
Change Management
The Role of Senior Management
The Role of Middle-Level Management—Tactics
The Role of Operations Management
Aligning Business Systems—How Each Department Plays a Role
The Role of Human Resource Management
The Role of Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS)
The Role of Facilities Management
The Role of Information Technology
The Role of Accounting and Finance
The Role of Marketing
Aligning Business Systems—Putting the Pieces Together
Experiential Exercises

Chapter 5: Supply Chain Management
Part I: Strategic Approaches
Part II: Operations and Terminology
Part III: Sourcing and Purchasing
Part IV: Sustainable Supply Chain Metrics
Experiential Exercises

Chapter 6: Certifications—Built Environment and Products
LEED/USGBC Green Associate
Energy Star Certification
NSF International
Green Seal

Chapter 7: Certifications—Triple Bottom Line Focus
Fair Trade USA
USDA Organic
Marine Stewardship Council
Forest Stewardship Council

Chapter 8: Communications and Sustainability Reporting
Sustainability Management Metrics—Triple Bottom Line Focus
Internal Communication
Informal External Communication
Formal External Communication
Global Reporting Initiative
Experiential Exercises

Rose Luke

Rose Luke obtained her Business Commerce, Business Commerce Honors, and Masters of Commerce degrees at the University of Stellenbosch and the Rand Afrikaans University respectively. She is a senior researcher at the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (Africa) at the University of Johannesburg in South Africa. She teaches logistics and supply chain management at a postgraduate level and has been involved in the development of various courses for the logistics and supply chain industry in South and Southern Africa. Her research interests are transport, logistics, and supply chain management from a sustainability perspective.

Mary Jo Press

Mary Jo Press is a proven leader in global Environment Health, Safety and Sustainability. Mary Jo is the Senior Staff EHS&S Program Manager – Global Safety at Tesla.

She has a history of driving performance in large food, beverage, tobacco, packaging and automotive industries.  Mergers and acquisition management as well as emergency response and recovery have helped her connect her work skills with her personal desire to help others.  Her global experience has triggered her desire for balanced corporate social responsibility and sustainability, particularly the need to address the entire life cycle of a system.  She is enriching a culture of sustainability at Tesla, which allows her to responsibly pursue a safe and sustainable community in the Native American tradition of not depleting the earth and spirit of our global community.

Mary Jo has a desire to see others learn and grow.  She has taught environmental management for the community college system as an adjunct professor, served on professional national leadership committees and mentored other safety professionals through the American Society of Safety Professionals as the Awards Chair.  Mary Jo is a Sustainability Management Certified Professional (SMCP) and a Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS).  She serves as an officer with Board of Directors of the Sustainability Management Association. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from North Carolina State University and an MS degree in Occupational Safety and Health from Columbia Southern University where she graduated with honors and induction into Sigma Alpha Pi Honor Society – National Society of Leadership and Success.

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