Teaching Students with Special Needs: A Guide for Future Educators

Author(s): Christopher O'Brien, John Beattie, Donna Sacco

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2019


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Teaching Students with Special Needs: A Guide for Future Educators is written for a specific audience and may appear a bit different than some other popular and excellent textbooks on special education. It has tailored design, content, and writing style for an audience of aspiring educators who need a text to give them a solid foundation rather than an exhaustive summary. Further, the text has been written to convey important concepts in a manner that is more practical and accessible to future educators with an emerging understanding of the processes that occur to support learners experiencing difficulty in school. It would be expected that there will be future special education teachers reading this book, but it is not intended for those individuals, specifically. In fact, the book is designed to highlight the fundamental issues relevant to ALL educators in American public schools.


Teaching Students with Special Needs: A Guide for Future Educators has been designed with the intent of applying principles of explicit instruction to a textbook. Throughout the text, you will find graphic organizers, summaries of key points, support in developing background knowledge of key concepts and new terms, explanations of terminology in accessible language, and an ongoing emphasis of the “big ideas” of special education. The goal is that future educators reading this book would be able to develop appropriate background knowledge to understand the historical and contextual issues associated with special education and find the chapters on disability categories useful as primers on vast and complicated topics. 


Teaching Students with Special Needs: A Guide for Future Educators highlights the “big ideas” and critical content of special education, as it currently exists in special education answering the essential questions: 

  • Who are the children in special education?
  • How did they become eligible for special education services?      
  • What are my responsibilities for meeting the needs of children in special education

CHAPTER 1: Introduction to Special Education: Children with Special Needs in US. Schools and Society

CHAPTER 2: Planning and Providing Special Education Services

CHAPTER 3: Foundations of Academic Exceptionalities: Defining Normality, Disability, and Giftedness in School Settings

CHAPTER 4: Providing Special Education Supports in Urban Schools: High-Needs Communities and Culturally, Linguistically Diverse Students by Shaqwana Freeman, Chris O'Brien, Lan Kolano, and Theresa Perez

CHAPTER 5: Teaching Children with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities by Melissa Hudson and John Beattie

CHAPTER 6: Teaching Children with Specific Learning Disability

CHAPTER 7: Teaching Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

CHAPTER 8: Teaching Children with Speech and/or Language Impairments

CHAPTER 9: Teaching Children with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders by Alicia Brophy

CHAPTER 10: Teaching Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders by Victoria Knight and Vicki L Ball

CHAPTER 11: Teaching Children with Sensory Disabilities: Hearing and Vision Impairments

CHAPTER 12: Teaching Children with Health Impairments and Physical Disabilities by Kelly R Kelley

CHAPTER 13: Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education and the Prevention of School Failure by Jane Diane Smith

CHAPTER 14: Reforming General Education to Improve Outcomes for Students with Specials Needs: RTI, PBIS, and UDL by Tara Galloway, Melissa A Miller, Chris O'Brien, and LuAnn Jordan

Christopher O'Brien

John Beattie

Donna Sacco

Related ISBN's: 9781792448539, 9781792444425

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ISBN 9781792448539

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