Understanding Technology

Author(s): Anne Arendt, Cheryl Hanewicz, Pamela Becker, Angela Trego

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2018

Pages: 442

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We live in a society of technological systems organized to accomplish specific goals that are interconnected, interrelated, interacting, and interdependent. A system can consist of processes, people, materials, machines, organizations, parts, plans, structures, and various arrangements of items that work together at some level. While systems can be independent of other systems, today we are seeing increasing convergence. Each chapter in Understanding Technology discusses both the specific technology as well as the basic inter-relations between various technological systems.


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Chapter 1 Managing Technological Systems
Chapter 2 Design Thinking
Chapter 3 Information Technology and Communications
Chapter 4 Energy and the Environment
Chapter 5 Business Intelligence and Analytics
Chapter 6 Mediated and Virtual Reality
Chapter 7 Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 8 Advanced Manufacturing and Production
Chapter 9 Biotechnology
Chapter 10 Medical Technology
Chapter 11 Nanotechnology
Chapter 12 Aerospace
Chapter 13 Location and Tracking Technologies
Chapter 14 Autonomous and Semiautonomous Technologies

Anne Arendt

Contribution area:  definition and rationale, curriculum options, autonomous and semi-autonomous technology, augmented and virtual reality, information systems and technology, robotics and artificial intelligence 

Author summary: Dr. Anne Arendt, Ed.D, CSSBB, MBA, M.S is currently an assistant professor on a tenure track at Utah Valley University (UVU) in Technology Management. Arendt has been with UVU for fourteen years in roles including distance education team manager, Web resource director, and now assistant professor. Prior to that, she was the Web and application director for Walden University.  Arendt obtained her Ed.D. from Utah State University in Higher Education after many years at the University of Minnesota where she obtained her original bachelors and MBA. She also obtained an M.S. in Educational Change from Walden University. Arendt is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt via the America Society of Quality as well as of 2015.  

Cheryl Hanewicz   

Contribution area: location and tracking; advanced manufacturing and production; business intelligence and analytics; and energy and the environment

Author summary: Dr. Cheryl Hanewicz is an Associate Professor and Department Chair in the Technology Management Department at Utah Valley University. She has also served as an Assistant Dean in the College of Technology and Computing as well as Senior Director of Student Success and Retention. She is interested in helping students achieve academic success and attracting more women into technology-related fields. Previously she taught technology-related courses at Eastern Michigan University. Dr. Hanewicz has over 20 years of computer and managerial experience in both the business and academic environments. In addition to teaching, Dr. Hanewicz has published technology-related books and articles as well as participated in professional conferences. She received her Bachelor of Science, Master of Liberal Studies in Technology, and Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership.

Pamela Becker  

Contribution area: managing technological systems, medical technology, and biotechnology

Author summary: Dr. Pam Becker is a professor in Technology Management at Eastern Michigan University, where she has been employed since 1993.  She was the primary researcher and developer of this program which was approved in 2001 and had its first program graduates in 2004.  She has a Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership from Eastern Michigan University as well as a Master of Liberal Studies in Technology from the same institution, and a Bachelor of Science in Administration from the University of Michigan-Dearborn. 

Angela Trego

Contribution area:  design thinking, aerospace and transportation, and nanotechnology 

Author summary: Dr. Angela Trego, PE, PMP, is currently an assistant professor on a tenure track at Utah Valley University in Technology Management.  She is also a consultant providing expertise in project management and teaching engineering technical short courses.  Angela was one of Utah Business’s 2010 “30 Women to Watch” and won the “Rising Star” award at the 2009 Women Tech Council celebration.  Angela has been a senior manager at Varian Medical Systems where she led strategic technology development.  Previously, Dr. Trego was a director of engineering at ATK Launch Systems developing new rockets and prior to that a principal engineer for Boeing Phantom Works working on corporate wide structural health monitoring programs.  Dr. Trego has two patents and is the author of over 50 publications and presentations ranging from the development of passive damping techniques using composites to the development of engaged teaching methodologies.  She graduated from Brigham Young University with a BS, MS and PhD in Mechanical Engineering.  Angela is an associate fellow member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, on the executive board of directors for Women Tech Council, and currently serves as a member of the Engineering Accreditation Commission for the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. 

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