Wellness Literacy 3.0 PAK

Author(s): Derek J Mohr, Scott Townsend

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2008

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Suitable as a stand-alone online course or as a supplement to any activity/physical education course, Wellness Literacy 3.0 augments the personal instruction that students receive in class. The combination of personal and on-line instruction provides students with an outstanding opportunity to develop a high level of wellness while working to meet your institution’s wellness/activity requirements.

Wellness Literacy 3.0:

  • Provides students with a strong foundation in science-based health and fitness concepts (wellness literacy) through a series of six wellness modules, each of which focuses on a subject related to wellness.
  • Gets students active by providing a series of eight activity modules. Activities include tennis, volleyball, strength training, and more.
  • Integrates Personal Discover Assessments (PDAs) - individual laboratory-based experiences - that challenge students to apply wellness concepts and content in a personally relevant manner.
  • Is turn-key! Each module includes automatically graded pre/post-tests, key terms, research-based text, and gradebooks making the transition to this content virtually seamless.
  • Is customizable!  Modify Wellness Literacy 3.0 to meet the needs of your students and institution by selecting, adjusting or adding to the WL content and/or features.

Wellness Modules
Wellness 101
Fitness Management
Nutrition Management
Wellness Revisited
Weight Management
Stress Management

Activity Modules
Flag Football
Strength Training

Derek J Mohr


Health, Physical Education, & Coaching

Wellness Literacy 3.0 Editor

Dr. Mohr, Professor in the Department of Recreation Management and Physical Education at Appalachian State University, earned his doctorate in Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) with a cognate in exercise physiology from West Virginia University. Dr. Mohr is an accomplished teacher and researcher. His area of expertise is in sport and fitness pedagogy in which he has written multiple textbooks and authored numerous scholarly papers. In his leisure time, Dr. Mohr enjoys being active and spending time with his family.

Scott Townsend


Health, Physical Education, & Coaching

Wellness Literacy 3.0 Editor

Dr. Townsend is a Professor of HPEC at Appalachian State University. His primary interest lies in Physical Education Curriculum and Instruction.  He has worked extensively with the Sport Education Model and SPARK (Sport, Play and Active Recreation for Kids). He has co-authored several textbooks and articles which focus teachers on best practices. Dr. Townsend’s hobbies include running, reading legal thrillers, and spending time with his family and friends.

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