Yoga: Life's Lessons On and Off the Mat

Author(s): Mary Berg

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2013


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Yoga: Life’s Lessons On and Off the Mat draws from the author’s own life experience in an effort to send positive, spiritual messaging to students. Included in each chapter are author-written poems that exemplify the essence of the chapter’s meaning. These poems tell a story and express what is important.

Yoga: Life’s Lessons On and Off the Mat:

  • explains a fundamental concept of the Yoga practice in each chapter.
  • includes journal questions at the end of each chapter used to reinforce knowledge of the various subjects.
  • features Poetic Inspirations which are designed to inspire students.



A Guide to Using This Book


  1. What is Yoga? What is Yoga NOT?
  2. Mantra: Yoga Sound
  3. Branches of Yoga
  4. Yamas and Niyamas: Laying a Solid Foundation
  5. Asana: The Postures
  6. Pranayama: The Breath
  7. Turning Inward: Meditation
  8. Chakras: Energy Centers
  9. Yoga and Ayurveda: Ancient Sisters
  10. Letting Go: The Healing Power of Forgiveness and Anger Release
  11. High-Level Questions: Journal Writing
  12. The Music: Powerful Playlists
  13. Life’s Lessons: On and Off the Mat


Peace In, Love Out!

About the Author

Mary Berg

 Mary Kay Berg, E- RYT, is a dynamic and creative Yoga teacher who is registered,
certifi ed, and multistyle trained. She began practicing Yoga 11 years ago to relieve
stress from a life in corporate America. She became a Yoga teacher because she
passionately believes that this practice is the best method of purifi cation for
body, mind, and spirit. Her classes incorporate fl owing poses, fun music, and an
opportunity to work introspectively to relieve stress, move energy, and improve the
quality of your life.

Mary Kay has studied with some of the best and world-renown teachers at
various conferences and workshops through out the U.S. She continues to further her
education to enhance her skills as a teacher and a practitioner.
Mary Kay teaches classes, workshops, and YA teacher training in the Orlando
surrounding area, at several diff erent locations. You can visit her web site at

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ISBN 9781465235114

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