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We consider author service to be our top priority and developing your quality product in a timely manner is our goal. Our team has extensive experience in publishing texts, lab manuals, eBooks, and much more. We have a full in-house developmental and production department, including a permissions staff to handle clearing of all permissions for your project. Your product idea combined with Kendall Hunt's experience, ease, options, and support earn royalties for you!

Author process

Find an Acquisition Editor

Contact Your Editor. Your journey with Kendall Hunt begins with a phone call to the Acquisitions Editor in your area.

Developing Your Material. Your Developmental Editor will assist you in the early stages of the publishing process, coordinating such vital details as permissions and copyright.

The Production Process. One of our expert production editors will review your project, discuss budget and final specs with you, arrange for copyediting, and finalize any issues regarding layout, cover, and interior design. Your editor will coordinate the manufacturing of your project.

KH Benefits

  1. Consultative Approach
  2. In-Depth Needs Analysis
  3. Multiple Delivery Channels:
    1. Printed Material
    2. Online Solutions
    3. eBooks
  4. Acquisition Editors located nationwide offer personal guidance and service.

Author Spotlight


Jennifer H. Waldeck

Jennifer Waldeck (Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara), has published or presented over 100 scholarly articles and research papers in top journals and at conferences. Her research interests are in instructional, organizational, and business communication. She is Associate Professor in the School of Communication at Chapman University in Orange, CA where she is Director of the Graduate Teaching Associate and Basic Communication Course programs. She teaches courses in organizational and business communication, persuasion, training and consulting, and the fundamentals of communication.