Dr. Jeffrey M. Van Slyke maintains an inclusive background of emergency management/crisis response, threat assessment, law enforcement services, and special security details. During his career as a Chief of Police, Dr. Van Slyke has experientially managed and responded to such emergencies as tornados, bomb threats, Hurricane Katrina, nor’easter storms, plane crash, suicides/homicides, chemical spills, residence hall fires, and mitigated two credible active-shooter scenarios. Dr. Van Slyke also assisted with facilitating 21 Presidential visits, and was responsible for maintaining the security of a Presidential library, a nuclear laboratory, a university airport, athletic events, concerts, and movie sets. While serving as Chief of Police at the University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Van Slyke assisted the United States Secret Service with the protective responsibilities of President George W. Bush’s daughter (Jenna), and was awarded the U.S. Secret Service Certificate of Appreciation by President Bush in recognition of his efforts. Dr. Van Slyke attended Auburn University on a track/cross-country scholarship, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice; a Master’s degree from Western Carolina University in Public Administration; and a Doctorate in Higher Education from the University of Texas at Austin – Police Ethics Training: Preferred Modes of Teaching in Higher Education Law Enforcement, (4.0 GPA). Dr. Van Slyke attended the F.B.I. National Academy, and the U.S. Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center, and has co-authored four textbooks: Foundations of Emergency Management (1st edition), Introduction to Homeland Security (2nd edition), Introduction to Terrorism (2nd edition), and Disasters That Shaped Emergency Management Response (1st edition). 


“Sometimes it’s not about trying to correct the wrong thing; but rather,

it’s about trying to get through the wrong thing the correct way.”

Dr. Jeffrey M. Van Slyke

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