Educate. Engage. Empower.

One visual, collaborative space.

Create impactful student experiences with Kendall Hunt's Classroom Engagement Tool. More secure and reliable than other options on the market, it is the next generation of tools that can instantly transform your student's smart device into a multi-purpose course companion.



Close Attendance Loopholes

Track attendance accurately through a combination of GPS technology & WiFi.


Dynamic Classroom Streaming & Lecture Recording

Stream live lectures, present slides & videos, and host interactive class discussions. Capture your presentation for students to view after class is over.


Live Quizzes & Polling

Introduce new concepts and ask questions to gauge attention and learning via live quizzes and polls. Quickly export quiz grades to your LMS.


Assess & Track Student Comprehension

Easily assess student learning with comprehension slides. Have instant access to student questions & answer in real time or after class.

LMS Integration

LMS Integration

Enjoy seamless integration with your KH Content publication and automatically upload attendance & quiz grades.


Accessible & Affordable

Classes can be streamed onto student devices through their web browser, giving students the flexibility to learn anywhere.