Author Spotlight: Maria Napoli

December 29, 2016

BY: Kendall Hunt

Maria Napoli
Associate Professor | Arizona State University
Author of Tools for Mindful Living: Practicing the Four Step Mindful MAC Guide

Tools for Mindful Living: Practicing the Mindful MAC Guide has been a fulfilling experience as I and my faculty witness the growth in our students throughout the semester in our Stress Management Tools course.  Students learn through each chapter to mindfully 1) acknowledge each experience without filters; 2) pay attention to their experience; 3) accept their experience without judgment or expectations and 4 )choose to respond versus react.


Due to student demand and increasing enrollment, I’ve written additional books in the same format. Beyond Stress: Strategies for Blissful Living, Life By Personal Design: Limitless Horizons, Sustainable Living and Mindful Eating, and Whole Person Health: Mindful Living Across the Lifespan are already published and I’m working on a book for Stress Management 2.


Simply stated, all of the books focus on developing a Mindful practice as students learn the Four Step Mindful MAC Guide as it relates to increasing quality of life.


Why did you start writing textbooks?

Students consistently report dealing with stress, having difficulty concentrating and maintaining basic quality of life.


Describe your experience with Kendall Hunt publishing’s editors and support staff.

Amazing staff! Everyone is available, understanding and supportive.

What are some of the special features and content that make it different from competing books?

Tools for Mindful Living: Practicing the Mindful MAC Guide offers an integrated, experiential learning opportunity by offering a guide to practice mindfulness, research, activities, and reflection journal so that students learn the basic tenets of mindfulness and implement mindfulness into their daily lives.

Please describe what, if any, technology accompanies the text?

An accompanying CD features tracks focused on breathing techniques and body scan adding to the student’s mindfulness toolbox. They can download the CD into their phones and have the opportunity to practice anywhere anytime.

Describe some of your student’s and colleague’s comments and success in the classroom with the use of this publication.

We have had so many students come forward and share how they were very close to dropping out of school but through the lessons in the book, realized that life wasn’t going to change but they could.  This realization came thanks to the book which provided them with applicable practices to approach life in a more responsive vs reactive way. Many students also mention how they deal with anxiety and social disconnect and again, by applying the tenets of mindfulness provided by the book, they have tools to help with their own self refection as well as realistic plans on how to become more connected.  In addition, all of our instructors have shared beautiful stories on how students comment about this class being the most pivotal and informational of their academic journey because of the foundation it lays for all parts of their lives.


Please share any funny, humorous, or interesting stories regarding your experience in the field, progress of writing the publication, or experience using it.

Our books provide a powerful way for students to become more self-reflective with realistic applications to all aspects of their lives.  We have had many parents contact us and share with us the transformation they have seen in their student’s and thank us for providing a class and text that focuses on them.  We actually had one student’s parents drive out from California to check on their daughter because she had called them and thanked them for everything they had done for her in her life and because this wasn’t her usual interaction with them, they were concerned something was wrong when in fact, the student now understood how much she wasn’t sharing her gratitude and love for others.