The Big Three of Kendall Hunt - Create | Customize | Adopt

October 2, 2018

BY: Kendall Hunt

There are two things educators around the world always appreciate having: 1) options and 2) freedom. The field of pedagogy is increasingly becoming more rule- and guideline-oriented and many professors can feel bogged down by regulations and the pressure to meet certain standards that their classroom quality takes a hit. This is where Kendall Hunt’s solutions can offer a reprieve.

We pride ourselves in filling a wide and growing gap in the world of education. We offer a threefold collaborative effort with educators to ensure their courses carry out exactly as imagined. When choosing course material, we offer options: adopt one of our titles, customize an existing title, or create your own title.

One of the paths educators can take is to choose one of our existing titles to incorporate into their course. We have thousands of titles in a wide variety of disciplines, subjects, and formats. Most titles are available in eBook format that cost 50% less than the affordable print option. View our existing titles here.

Educators also have the option to customize one of our existing titles. The customize option allows them to keep what they want, cut what they wish, and add their own research or perspectives. Customization is also popular for institutions that emulate a certain perspective or affiliation. We don’t want our educators to feel as though they are locked into a publication; we want to offer them the options and freedom to create their course as they desire.

If true freedom is the goal, our create option is going to be most fitting. Kendall Hunt was founded on this principle! Higher education courses are consistently diversifying and becoming more complex and the content accompanying these courses are too. That is why we always invite a professor to create their own publication with our help to give them full freedom over their course content. We pride ourselves on building strong and substantive relationships with our authors in order to help produce better products and titles. We relish in the process of helping authors find their voice.

Whatever the need may be, Kendall Hunt has the options educators are looking for when it comes to selecting texts and materials for their upcoming courses. Whatever path they may choose, they know they will be happy with their decision and well taken care of. Learn more about creating, customizing or adopting with Kendall Hunt.