Don't Get Duped Online

Dr. José I. Rodríguez  |   March 5, 2021

The session discusses original research to demonstrate how faculty members can facilitate the use of mindful communication online with contemporary college students by:
1) defining deceptive messages
2) promoting thoughtful media literacy
3) encouraging proactive engagement in mediated contexts.

Attendees will learn to:
- identify the significance of deceptive communication in situations involving diverse communities online.
- clarify the role of mindfulness in online communication with members of distinct cultural groups.
- facilitate the expression of thoughtful messages with members of different traditions, using helpful or supportive content online.

The presenter, Dr. José I. Rodríguez (California State University, Long Beach) fuses a lecture-type webinar with an interactive, small-group session via Zoom – giving attendees a hands-on opportunity for dialogue and collaborative engagement among participants.

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