Kendall Hunt’s KHQ App: Efficient Studying, Successful Students

August 15, 2018

BY: Kendall Hunt

College is hard. In spite of courses, clubs and activities bent on easing the transition from high school to college, many students are broadsided by the sheer amount of classes, homework, extra-curricular activities, etc. they now have to deal with.

Because these difficulties are so universal among students in higher education, Kendall Hunt has developed KHQ, an interactive study app that is customizable to fit your courses and help your students study more efficiently and effectively. Because of the strength of the app on its own, coupled with the positive effects it has in the context of college life, KHQ is exactly what you need to help your students maximize their potential both in your course and the rest of their college careers.

The strength of the app is its simplicity. The pages are highly parred back, fitting onto the screen of a smartphone with virtually no need to scroll. Here, students can access flashcards, quizzes and study sections that they’ve customized for themselves, as well as view their progress in terms of Struggling Terms and Questions. This streamlined approach makes the app incredibly user-friendly. Even students who aren’t as technologically inclined will need minimal guidance—if any—when they begin using the app, while the tech-savvy will have it figured out in a matter of seconds. The app’s straightforward nature allows students to avoid struggling with the technology, getting straight to the content that they need to study.

KHQ is also faster and more efficient than many traditional study methods. The app eliminates the need for having to flip through texts and notes to find questions and answers. With multiple classes, commitments and work schedules to juggle, the efficient use of time is imperative. Since KHQ makes it possible for students to study away from their textbooks, any five minutes of downtime now can become a mini study session. This makes it as easy for students to master coursework as it is to post to social media, making it more possible for students to learn material over time and avoid late-night cram sessions before tests and quizzes.

Additionally, studying isn’t such a daunting task when there’s no “prep work.” KHQ bypasses the manual labor, providing students with ready-made study questions and further allowing them to make the most of their limited time. Questions can be your original questions, or you can choose from questions that other professors have already created. Since they’re ready to view at the tap of a screen, KHQ also helps combat procrastination, which eats up priceless student time.

Ultimately, the KHQ app takes the study process and condenses it. It provides the material in a format that makes it easy to review, provides explanation when students request it and allows students to mark questions to focus on topics that need additional study. Thus, not only does the app assist with the process of studying, but it also teaches students how to break down concepts and master material—an invaluable skill both in college and beyond.

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