16 Weeks to College Success

Author(s): Gina Burkart

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2017

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Written for traditional students as well as adult learners returning to college, 16 Weeks to College Success addresses the mix of emotions that students face in their first year of college and prepares them for a successful academic tenure. Broken down into easily digestible modules (weeks), the publication is chock full of activities to get the reader involved in the learning process while supplying valuable references throughout to promote further research.


Week One Mapping Out the Semester and Setting Goals
Week Two Managing Time
Week Three Evaluating Your Emotional Intelligence
Week Four Identifying Distorted Thoughts
Week Five Developing Active Reading Strategies
Week Six Annotating with Critical Thinking & Reading Strategies
Week Seven Studying with Concept Cards
Week Eight Using Bloom’s Taxonomy to Study
Week Nine Studying with Groups
Week Ten Note-Taking Strategies that Make a Difference
Week Eleven Applying Covey’s First Three Habits to College
Week Twelve Applying Covey’s Last Four Habits to College
Week Thirteen Taking Tests with a Strategic Plan
Week Fourteen Overcoming Test Anxiety
Week Fifteen Preparing for Finals
Week Sixteen Review, Assess, and Reflect

Gina Burkart

Gina Burkart is the Learning Specialist in the Margaret Mann Academic Resource Center at Clarke University (The MARC). Additionally, she teaches English courses and general education courses as an adjunct instructor. Prior to her position at Clarke University, she worked as an Assistant Professor of English at Saginaw Valley State University and also taught in the English department at the University of Northern Iowa for 11 years and was the Coordinator of the Reading and Learning Center. She has an Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction in Post-Secondary Literacy and Writing and an MA in literature. Her doctoral research focuses on first-year students, post-secondary literacy, and retention in higher education, which she has presented and had accepted at national conferences such as The First-Year Experience Conference and Computers and Writing. She has also had her writing published in journals such as, The North American Review, The Journal of Literacy and Learning, and Catholic World. She is also the author of A Parent’s Guide to Harry Potter (2005, InterVarsity Press), Finding Purpose in Narnia: A Journey with Prince Caspian (2008, Paulist Press), and Finding Meaning in Narnia: A Voyage on the Dawn Treader (2010, Nimble Books). She has been interviewed nationally in regards to her work and frequently presents at conferences about using literature such as Harry Potter and Narnia to nurture Christian values and to foster inter-generational connections. She is also featured on for her work with Harry Potter and Christian Teens and has written multiple articles for CBN,, and the local publication, Julien’s Journal.

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