Academic Skills for College Success

Author(s): Susie Rood

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2017

Pages: 106


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Here you are, getting ready to go to college. It has been an exciting time. You finished high school or military training and now, you have selected a school, you think you know where your life is going, and you cannot wait to get to campus.

Academic Skills for College Success will help you with that transition and adjustment. The theme of this book is: Who are you? And why does it matter? These are the questions others will ask you dozens if not hundreds of times. Being able to answer this question will provide the framework for how you respond (or don’t respond) to various situations, challenges, and opportunities.This book will take you through some of the important factors you need to consider, about both yourself and others expectations of you, for your time at college.

Introduction Who Are You? And Why Does It Matter?

Chapter One Who Are You?

What Is Preventing You from Being Successful?

Habit Survey

So What Does This Mean?

Characteristics of a Morning Person

Characteristics of a Night Person or Night Owls

Characteristics of a Mid-Person

How Will Your Time-Type Affect You at School?

Individual Reflection

Family Reflection

Thinking about Time as a Family



Time Frame

Reflection questions


Chapter Two Time Management

Tools to Help You Get and Stay Organized

Month-at-a-Glance Calendar

Weekly Planner and Priority List

A Semester Plan

Six-Year Plan

Six-Year Plan

Six-Year Plan

Six-Year Plan

Six-Year Plan

Six-Year Plan

How to Schedule the Four Critical Times

Rule of Thumb for Study Time

Reflection and Practice

Practice Schedule

Additional Study Tips

To-Do List

Give Yourself Every Chance to Succeed

Procrastination Assessment

Homework: Reflection

How Do You Organize Your Time?

Tips for Successful Students

Review Your Study Routine


Academic Calendars

Chapter Three Registering for Classes

Registration Process

Deciding What Classes to Take

Building Your Schedule

1. Build your schedule around the course with

the LEAST number of options

2. Typical course load

3. Full-time academic course load

4. Leave time for lunch and a nap

5. Think about what type of classes you prefer

Types of Courses

6. Look for all parts of the course!


Academic Sessions

Things to Consider When Selecting Sessions

Reading Your Schedule

Reading your schedule

Academic Advisors and Financial Aid

How to Work with Your Academic Advisor

Who is my academic advisor?

Financial Aid47

Other Information about Financial Aid

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Academic Standing

Calculating your Grade Point Average (GPA)

GPA Calculation practice

Other considerations with GPA

Academic Standing

Academic Bankruptcy

Graduation Requirements

Chapter Four How to Manage Being a College Student

Setting Goals

Other Tips for Setting Goals

Types of Goals






Public Service


Personal Goals

Short-Term Goal(s): A goal that will take

one-two weeks to achieve

Semester Long-Term Goal(s): A goal that will take

eight months or longer to achieve

Long-Term Goal(s): A goal that will take

more than a year to achieve

Chapter Five Reading for College

Reading Literature, Social Sciences, and History Texts

Reading Math and Science Texts

Reflection and Homework

Chapter Six Studying: Tips, Habits, and Ideas

Studying Missteps

Reflection and Homework

Chapter Seven Memory and Memory Techniques

Your Brain and How it Remembers

Quick and Simple Lessons about Your Brain

Tips and Strategies for Memory

Reflection and Homework

Chapter Eight Stress: What It Does to Your Memory and Body

Personal Reflection

Stress Quiz

Managing Stress

Recognize Stress

Stress Management

Self-Reflection and Homework

Test Anxiety

How do I Know if I have test Anxiety?

What Can I do About test Anxiety?

Chapter Nine Test Taking Skills

Multiple-Choice Tests

True-False Tests

Essay Tests

Chapter Ten Note-taking and Note-taking Skills

Before a Lecture

Lecture notes

After a Lecture

Listening Skills for Note-taking

Appendix Campus Resources

Susie Rood

Dr. Susie Rood has worked in higher education for the past 21 years. She has taught education and psychology courses and helps students understand and make the transition from high school or time out of school into college. Dr. Rood holds degrees in special education for the hearing impaired, Bilingual Education and TESOL, Psychology, and Educational Leadership. Dr. Rood lives with her husband (who is a college math teacher) and daughter (who is a college student) and three cats (who have never attended college).

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ISBN 9781524935498

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