African American Nutrition: Learn How to Use Nutrition to Your Advantage and Reclaim Power Over Your Health

Author(s): Katherine Lawrence-Ireland

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2023

Pages: 56


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Why do African Americans have the highest death rates from all kinds of cancers, but not the highest diagnoses?

How are BMI charts negatively biased against the body composition of African Americans? 

Why are doctors providing the same blood pressure medications to African Americans as they are Caucasians, even though they've proven different efficacy? 

Genetic differences across races matter. And, these differences affect our nutrition. Through her experience teaching nutrition and disease for almost two decades, Katherine Lawrence shines a light on these questions and more. 

This book could save your life. Learn how to maneuver salt sensitivity, vitamin D absorption, genes that may lead to obesity and more. And, make delicious recipes while doing so! For your sake and your loved ones, don't miss out on this life-changing information. 


What's The Problem and Why?
Six Possible Areas Where Genetics May Differ and Nutrition May Have A Greater Effect on The African American Community
Vitamin D Absorption
Lactose Intolerance
Salt & Hypertension
Cholesterol & Fat's Relationship to Blood Pressure
Comparison of Animal Foods to Plant Foods
African American Stress
Sickle Cell Disease (SCD)
Benefits of Common Fruits & Vegetables 
Obesity & BMI 
Nutrient Composition of Plant & Animal Based Food 
How Diabetes Relates to Obesity in The African American Community
The Great African Diet Swap
High Fiber Foods
Fiber Fun Facts
Soy Myths and Benefits
Evolution of The African American Diet (of Slave Descendants) From Its Origins to Now 
General Health Recommendations 
Benefits of Traditional African Foods 
Resources & Bibliography 


Katherine Lawrence-Ireland

Katherine Lawrence is a Cornell and Stanford educated nutritionist who grew up in her grandmother's kitchen in Louisiana. She and her husband Matt own Food Saved Me, a health and wellness resource for the community in Southlake, Texas.

Food Saved Me offers free nutrition classes to the community and also is an authorized Saladmaster cookware dealership.

Katherine reversed her infertility and reproductive disease 18 years ago using diet and healthy cooking techniques, and went on to have three sons. Having taught over 10,000 students she has witnessed countless disease recoveries using the science and practical tips she shares in her classes. Katherine has a deep appreciation for the African-American culture, including its history and delicious food, and prays this class will bless and multiply throughout this community.

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ISBN 9798765761991

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