American Government: Democracy Under Threat

Author(s): Chapman Rackaway

Edition: 8

Copyright: 2022

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American Government: Political Culture in an Online World demonstrates how politics and government are connected to reader’s lives – not merely how public policy decisions affect them, but also how the constantly changing American culture shapes the nature of politics. The text provides context through history, as well as current-day examples.

American Government: Political Culture in an Online World:

  • Gives the reader a firm grounding in the historical development of America's constitutional framework, political system, governing institutions, and policy-making process.
  • Incorporates numerous illustrations drawn from both the Obama and Trump administrations.
  • Emphasizes American political culture-the political values, expectations, and beliefs of the masses of American citizens. 
  • References how political culture shapes institutions, political campaigns, and the way that questions of policy are framed and addressed.


About the Author

Chapter 1 The Political Culture of American Democracy
1-1 How Government is Designed
1-2 How Government Works
1-3 What Government Means to You

Chapter 2 Development of American Constitutional Democracy
2-1 How the Constitution is Designed
2-2 How the Constitution Works
2-3 What the Constitution Means to You

Chapter 3 Federalism: A Nation of States
3-1 How Federalism was Designed
3-2 How Federalism Works
3-3 What Federalism Means to you

Chapter 4 Civil Liberties and Individual Freedom
4-1 How Civil Liberties Were Designed
4-2 How Civil Liberties Work
4-3 What Civil Liberties Mean to You

Chapter 5 Civil Rights And The Struggle For Equality
5-1 How Civil Rights are Designed
5-2 How Civil Rights Work Today
5-3 What Civil Rights Mean to You

Chapter 6 Public Opinion in American Politics
6-1 How Public Opinion was Designed
6-2 How Public Opinion Works Today
6-3 What Public Opinion Means to You

Chapter 7 Popular Participation in Politics
7-1 How Political Participation is Designed
7-2 How Political Participation Works Today
7-3 What Political Participation Means to You

Chapter 8 Campaigns and Elections
8-1 How Elections and Campaigns were Designed
8-2 How Elections and Campaigns Work Today
8-3 What Elections and Campaigns Mean to You

Chapter 9 Political Parties
9-1 How Political Parties Were Designed
9-2 How Political Parties Work Today
9-3 What Political Parties Mean to You

Chapter 10 Interest Groups
10-1 How Interest Groups Were Designed
10-2 How Interest Groups Work Today
10-3 What Interest Groups Mean to you

Chapter 11 The Mass Media
11-1 How the Media Were Designed
11-2 How the Media Work Today
11-3 What the Media Mean to You

Chapter 12 Congress
12-1 How Congress was Designed
12-2 How Congress Works Today
12-3 What Congress Means to You

Chapter 13 The Presidency
13-1 How Civil Liberties Were Designed
13-2 How the Presidency Works Today
13-3 What the Presidency Means to You

Chapter 14 The Supreme Court and the Federal Judiciary
14-1 How the Judiciary was Designed
14-2 How the Judiciary Works Today
14-3 What the Judiciary Means to you

Chapter 15 The Federal Bureaucracy
15-1 How the Bureaucracy was Designed
15-2 How the Bureaucracy Works Today
15-3 What The Bureaucracy Means to You

Chapman Rackaway

Chapman Rackaway ​earned his Ph.D. from the University of Missouri in 2002. From 2003 to 2017, he was a member of the faculty at Fort Hays State University in Western Kansas, serving at times as Chair of the Department of Political Science and Dean of the Graduate School. In 2017, he joined the faculty of the University of West Georgia as Chair and Professor in the Department of Political Science. Professor Rackaway has extensive experience in political campaigns, having served professionally as a political consultant to candidates at the federal and state levels. Professor Rackaway’s primary teaching and research interests are in the campaign process. Rackaway’s teaching specialty is in the area of electioneering: campaign management, political parties, interest groups, political communication, and voting behavior. Professor Rackaway has published a number of books in addition to this one, including American Political Parties Under Pressure (2017) and Civic Failure and its Threat to Democracy (2016) as well as articles in the Journal of Politics, PS: Political Science and Politics, Journal of Political Science Education, and Social Science Computer Review.

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