The American Road Part II: Crossing the American Landscape into the Modern Era Looseleaf

Author(s): Jeffery B Howell, Wendy Shuffett, Richard Eller, Kirk Strawbridge

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2016

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While technology has yet to make time travel possible The American Road nonetheless takes you on an exciting journey through our nation’s past. There are many beliefs, events, ideas, people, and places that make up our nation’s history.

From “the new South” of America to the “Rise of conservation”, The American Road addresses what’s thought to be the most vital aspects of these issues. The American Road allows students to learn and understand America’s past in order to help build a better road to the future for those who call America “Home”. 

The American Road pt1 includes:

  • Lecture Power Point slides
  • Key concepts
  • Primary documents
  • Informative videos
  • Chapter quizzes

Chapter 11: The New South
Chapter 12: Industrial Revolution
Chapter 13: The West and Imperialism
Chapter 14: Progressivism
Chapter 15: The 1920’s
Chapter 16: Great Depression
Chapter 17: World War II
Chapter 18: The Cold War
Chapter 19: The 1950’s and 1960’s
Chapter 20: The Rise of Conservation

Jeffery B Howell

Wendy Shuffett

Richard Eller

Kirk Strawbridge

Related ISBN's: 9781465289728

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ISBN 9781465289728

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