Analytical Reasoning Skills for Success in Business and Life

Author(s): JoAnn Rawley

Edition: 4

Copyright: 2022


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Analytical Reasoning Skills for Success in Business and Life is a practical, compelling overview of situations in life that require the use of mathematics for successful decision making. This text uses the TI BAII financial calculator as a resource to replace the use of tables and complex formulas. A basic understanding of algebra is a prerequisite.

Unit I  Building A Foundation

Chapter 1 Working with Arithmetic

1.1  Addition and Subtraction

1.2  Multiplication and Division

1.3  Applications using the Four Operations

1.4  Thinking about Rounding

Chapter 2 Working with Percents

2.1  Conversions (decimals, fractions, whole and mixed numbers)

2.2  Applications Using Percent

2.3  Applications of Percent Change

2.4  Discounts and Markdowns

2.5  Sales Taxes

Chapter 3 Working with Algebra

3.1  Business formulas

3.2  Equations

3.3  Ratios and Proportions

Unit 2  Working with the Financial System

Chapter 4 Simple Interest Loans

4.1  Simple Interest Loans

4.2  Maturity Value and Maturity Date

4.3  Solving for Principal, Rate, and Time

4.4  The U.S. Rule

4.5  Truth in Lending Act (Regulation Z)

Chapter 5 Simple Discount Notes

5.1 Promissory Notes

5.2 Simple Discount Notes

5.3 Third Party Discount Notes

5.4 U.S.Treasury Bills

Chapter 6 Compound Interest Investments 

6.1 Compound Interest

6.2 Future Value

6.3 Present Value and Average Annual Rate of Change

6.4 Annuities

6.5 Sinking Funds

Chapter 7 Installment Loans

7.1  Cost of Installment Buying

7.2  Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

7.3  Paying off an Installment Loan

7.4  Amortization

7.5  Credit cards

Unit 3  Wise Investing

Chapter 8 Home Ownership

8.1  Types of Mortgages

8.2  Repayment Variations

8.2  Getting Prequalified for a Mortgage Loan

8.3. Costs Involved in Getting a Mortgage Loan

Chapter 9 Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds

9.1  Stocks

9.2  Bonds

9.3. Mutual Funds

9.4  Cash Flow

Unit 4  Managing a Business

Chapter 10 Mathematics of Selling

10.1  Markup on Cost

10.2  Markup on Selling Price

10.3  Pricing Goods that are Seasonal, Perishable, or Damaged

10.4  Operating Loss, Absolute Loss, Break-even Point

10.5  Turnover and Valuation of Inventory

Chapter 11 Payroll, Income Tax, Property Tax, Insurance

11.1  Employees’ Gross Earnings

11.2  Employees’ Payroll Deductions

11.3  Employers' Responsibilities and Taxes

11.4  Personal Income Tax

11.5  Property Tax

11.6  Insurance

JoAnn Rawley

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