Anatomy & Physiology I: All Coming Together


Edition: 4

Copyright: 2020

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Years ago, based on the need for a source that incorporated the lecture and the lab portion of Anatomy and Physiology, a text was built that encompassed both as well as benefit the student financially. The title of the text is Anatomy and Physiology: All Coming Together. To further improve the anatomical details, it was decided to add “Visible Body” as a great ancillary product that includes an anatomy atlas, videos, quizzes, and more. 

Anatomy and Physiology: All Coming Together is a basic yet intuitive text that encompasses the material needed for an undergraduate student population. The text contains a large selection of exercises that improve the comprehension of lecture and lab assignments as well as assessments for the students. In addition, to help enhance the lecture portion of the course, a lecture review section in a flash card format was developed incorporating superb exercises that correlate with the material covered. Nowadays it is common for any college anatomy and physiology lab to have a large selection of anatomical models. These models are represented in full color in the text to help the student population comfortably study them from home, prepare them for assessments, and make the experience of studying a simpler one. In order to keep improving the text, more components are consistently being added so the students can have the best source available to them. 


Related ISBN's: 9781792426148




ISBN 9781792426148

Details KHPContent W/VISIBLE BODY 365 days