Architecture of the World: The Story of All of Us

Author(s): Mark Comeau

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2017

Pages: 436


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It is intended that this book be para-conventional.

Just as the design of architecture can be avant-garde while at the same time being reflective, the format contained herein offers a pictorially-centric layout while containing related briefs.  As a text book that accompanies the lecture portion of a traditional “ground” course, the details are delivered in the classroom and they come in the form of a semester-long story.  To see the figures, hear the stories, and “jot down” notes and highlights, is to retain; retain a visual memory of architecture and correlate the application it has to its cause to be built.

The author has taught Architecture of the World for almost two decades.  Though several books are suggested as recommended readings, there has never been an assigned text book as no one book has been found to deliver the content in a way that parallels the author’s “contagious enthusiasm” for teaching history through stories and experiences.

The content of this book represents an ongoing accumulation of the author’s experiences, photographs, research, and of course - stories, as lived through travel-study around the world that he has led more than a thousand learners on.  It is meant to be more of an album, a record, that along with the live lectures results in a semester-long story of the history of all of us!

The Egyptian Kingdom

              Ancient & Pre-Classical Architecture

Mycenae and the Aegean

                Pre-Classical Architecture

Ancient Greece

                The Mediterranean’s Democracy

The Roman Empire

                The Mediterranean’s Empire


                After the Empire; the Church


                Medieval Life and the “Village” 

Italian Renaissance

              The Human Spirit in Italy

Renaissance Masters

                The Florentines

Late Renaissance

                Europe and the Americas

Early American Colonial

                Growth in a New World

Iron and Glass

                Impacts of the Industrial Age

Chicago School

                After the Fire


                Function, Expressionism and the Abstract

Antoni Gaudi

                Organic Master of Modernism

Frank Lloyd Wright

                An American Original

The Skyscraper Race

                New York and Corporate Expression      


                Classicism Meets Modernism

The Age of Information

                Trends and Issues Today

Mark Comeau

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ISBN 9781524940713

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