In Art

Author(s): Robert Quinn

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2022

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In Art adopts a web platform to provide non-art majors in college a sampling of styles, techniques, and artworks from a wide variety of cultures and time periods using a thematic approach. Prizing interactivity and student-centeredness for its framework, this book uses a choose-your-own-adventure approach that allows students to follow their interests as they weave through the modular presentation of material. Student understanding is accentuated through a plethora of thought-provoking and engaging activities, many of which are of a hands-on nature using artistic approaches to thinking through making.

Module 1: The Heroic in Art
Module 2: The Everyday in Art
Module 3: The Spiritual in Art
Module 4: The Self in Art
Module 5: The Other in Art
Module 6: The Beautiful in Art
Module 7: The Political in Art
Module 8: The Culture in Art
Module 9: The Entertainment in Art
Module 10: The Body in Art
Module 11: The Earth in Art

Robert Quinn

Robert D. Quinn, Ph.D., was born and raised in suburban Atlanta, Georgia. He seriously pursued art first at Young Harris College, going on to complete his degrees in art education at the University of Georgia and Auburn University at Montgomery. During the time that he completed his doctoral coursework, he was introduced to teaching and learning online as an instructor of record for a large art appreciation course, fueling his research interests in online teaching and learning in art. Additionally, his research interests include interdisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning, uses of computer technology for teaching, learning, and teacher education, service-learning and community-engaged scholarship, and arts-based educational research. He has been an art teacher at the secondary level and is an active musician. Currently, he holds a position as Associate Professor of Art Education at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. He is married to a teacher and they live with their two teenaged children and a rescue dog.

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ISBN 9781792473227

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