Art History, Popular Culture and the Cinema

Author(s): David Soren

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2018


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Art History, Popular Culture and the Cinema offers a lavishly illustrated survey of how various major art historical and popular culture movements were reflected in popular cinema over the past century. It is designed specifically for university students and a general public interested to understand such things as the artistic influences on Alfred Hitchcock's thrillers, the art movements that contributed to the "look" of the Beatles' films and the arguments about the future that created Fritz Lang's 1925 masterpiece Metropolis.

David Soren

Dr. David Soren is Regents Professor of Classics with the University of Arizona and Director of the Orvieto Institute in Umbria. He holds a B.A. in Greek & Roman Studies from Dartmouth, and an M.A. in Fine Arts and Ph.D. in Classical Archaeology from Harvard University. His specialties include Roman Archaeology, and the making of documentaries. He has done extensive field work in Cyprus, Portugal, Tunisia and Italy, is widely published, and has received numerous honors and awards for his work (see his listing on Wikipedia).

Regents Professor Soren was honored with the 2005 Excellence in International Service Award.

Professor Soren founded and continues to direct the Orvieto Study Abroad Program in Italy, now the University's largest study abroad program.

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ISBN 9781524949051

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