Asian Pacific American Experiences Past, Present, and Future

Author(s): Eunai Shrake, Teresa Williams León, Edith Chen

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2020

Pages: 530

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Growth and Diversity: Understanding Asian Pacific American Experiences within the Context of Ethnic Studies
Teresa Williams León, Eunai Shrake, and Edith Chen

PART I Defining Asian American, Pacific Islander, Asian Pacific American
CHAPTER 1 “Oriental” Is for Objects and “Asian” Is for People: Asian Americans as the Racialized Other

Teresa Williams León

CHAPTER 2 Who Is an Asian? Who Is a Pacific Islander? Monoracialism, Multiracial People, and Asian American Communities
Paul Spickard
The Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific Islands and Ocean

PART II Historical Overview: Colonization, Immigration, and Assimilation
CHAPTER 3 The Struggles and Triumphs of Asian Americans in U.S. History: Asian Immigration Prior to 1965

Phillip A. Hutchison
People v. Hall

CHAPTER 4 Reconfiguring Asian America: Asian Immigration to the United States Since 1965
Jean-Paul R. deGuzman
The 1965 Immigration Act Then and Now

CHAPTER 5 South Asians on the Pacific West Coast (the Early Years): A Brief History of the Present
Simmy Makhijani

CHAPTER 6 From a Native Daughter
Haunani-Kay Trask

PART III Settlement Patterns and Community Formation
CHAPTER 7 Enclaves, Ethnoburbs, and New Patterns of Settlement among Asian Immigrants
Wei Li and Emily Skop

CHAPTER 8 The Changs Next Door to the Diazes: Suburban Racial Formation in Los Angeles’s San Gabriel Valley
Wendy Cheng

PART IV Work, Labor, and Economic Adaptation
CHAPTER 9 Striving for the American Dream: Struggle, Success, and Intergroup Conflict among Korean Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Jennifer Lee

CHAPTER 10 Emergence of a New Entrepreneurship: The Asian American Food Truck Phenomenon
Eunai Shrake and C. Alan Shrake
Roy Choi & Food Justice

CHAPTER 11 Asian American Labor
Kent Wong and Kim Geron

PART V Education and the Model Minority Myth
CHAPTER 12 Ethnic Studies and Higher Education for Asian Americans

Mike Murase

CHAPTER 13 Critical Issues in Asian Pacific American Education
Diana Chandara, Ariana Yang, Denise Hanh Huynh, and Bic Ngo
DACA and Beyond

CHAPTER 14 Model Minority Maneuvers: How Filipino American Teachers Engage an Asian American Critical Race Praxis
Edward R. Curammeng
Model Minority Myth

PART VI Media Portrayals and Stereotypes
CHAPTER 15 Portrayals in Film and Television: (Updated/Revised by Allan Aquino 2020)

Timothy P. Fong, Valerie Soe, and Allan Aquino
The “Bulletproof Boy Scouts” (BTS) from South Korea with a Message of Self-Love and Acceptance Sweep the Globe!

CHAPTER 16 Representation and Visibility of Asian Americans in News Media
TaeHyun Kim and Julie Yeeun Kim

CHAPTER 17 Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders on TV
Faustina M. DuCros, Christina B. Chin, Jenny Jong-Hwa Lee, Nancy Wang Yuen, Meera E. Deo, and Noriko Milman

PART VII Second Generation, Culture Conflict, and Ethnic Identity
CHAPTER 18 Asian American Student Stress: The Other Side of Achievement

Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu, Karen Sein, Patricia Wakimoto, May Wang

CHAPTER 19 College and Notions of “Asian American”: Second-Generation Chinese and Korean Americans Negotiate Race and Identity
Nazli Kibria

CHAPTER 20 Are Second-Generation Filipinos ‘Becoming’ Asian American or Latino? Historical Colonialism, Culture, and Panethnicity
Anthony C. Ocampo

CHAPTER 21 Language and Identity in Trans-Pacific Asian American Mixed-Race Families
Lily Anne Welty Tamai

PART VIII Gender, Patriarchy, and Family Formation
CHAPTER 22 Power, Patriarchy, and Gender Conflict in the Vietnamese Immigrant Community

Nazli Kibrla

CHAPTER 23 Korean Kirogi* (Wild Geese) Families: The Emergence of a New Split Household
Eunai Shrake and Song Mi Kim

PART IX Intermarriage, Multiracial Identity, and Sexuality
CHAPTER 24 Asians and California’s Anti-miscegenation Laws

Megumi Dick Osumi
Anti-Miscegenation Laws, Love and Marriage Across Race, and Sexual Orientation

CHAPTER 25 Glimpses into the Future: Interracial and Interethnic Marriage (Revised 2020)
C.N. Le

CHAPTER 26 Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts 2.0: The Private and Public Identity of Multiracial/Multiethnic People (Revised 2020)
Teresa Williams León
Asian Indian, Jamaican, and Black: Biracial/International Vice President, Kamala Devis Harris

CHAPTER 27 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Filipino Americans
Kevin L. Nadal

PART X Intergroup Relations and Anti-Asian Violence
CHAPTER 28 Los Angeles “Riots” and the Korean-American Community

Edward T. Chang

CHAPTER 29 Hate Violence as Border Patrol: An Asian American Theory of Hate Violence
Terri Yuh-Lin Chen

CHAPTER 30 Race, Racialization, and American Muslims in the Contemporary United States
Khanum Shaikh

PART XI Politics and Social Activism
CHAPTER 31 Freedom Doesn’t Trickle Down: The Case for Picking the Hardest Fights

Eric C. Wat

CHAPTER 32 Bloodlines of Ghadar: Two Generations of Radical South Asian American Women
Simmy Makhijani

CHAPTER 33 Five Decades Later: Reflections of a Yellow Power Advocate Turned Poet
Amy Uyematsu


Eunai Shrake

Teresa Williams León

Edith Chen

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ISBN 9781792458590

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