Assessing Your Fitness

Author(s): Jan Duquette, Theodore Sommer Mccartney, Duane O Cain

Edition: 5

Copyright: 2016

Pages: 228


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Assessing Your Fitness is for college undergraduates who, like the general public, are probably undergoing a barrage of media information related to fitness.

Assessing Your Fitness helps students assess their own health and fitness, and provide them with a starting point upon which they can determine their pathway to a healthier lifestyle and future fitness goals. This guide address family history, body composition, cardiovascular fitness, skill-related fitness, nutrition, and other factors contributing to a healthy lifestyle. By following guidelines in each chapter, students will chart out a sound program for reducing any shortcomings in their fitness profile.

Features of Assessing Your Fitness include:

  • worksheets for students to learn about their own fitness personality, as well as new fitness information.
  • lab exercises which guide students through their personal fitness assessments.
  • charts, graphs and photos for step-by-step guidance.
  • web links for additional online resources.

(The previous edition of this book was titled Fitness Assessment Workbook)


1 Fitness Appraisal
Primary Risk Factors
Secondary Risk Factors
WORKSHEET 1: Lifestyle Appraisal
Glossary of Terms
Related Websites
Study Questions

2 Cardiovascular Endurance and Flexibility
Energy Systems
Measuring Heart Rates
Ratings of Perceived Exertion (Borg Scale)
General Principles of Training
Two Types of Popular Training
Three Basic Techniques for Increased Flexibility
Warming up for a Safe Workout
The Five Minute Stretch
Contraindicated Stretching Exercises (Do’s and Don’ts of Flexibility Stretches)
Low Back Health
Low Back Exercises
Alternative Low Back Treatments—Decide What’s Best for You
WORKSHEET 2: Cardiovascular Endurance
LAB 1—Cardiovascular Fitness Test
LAB 1—12 Minute Walk/Run and Flexibility Test
LAB 1—Flexibility Test
Glossary of Terms
Related Websites
Study Questions

3 Basics of Nutrition
Nutrition News
Keys to Nutrition
Energy Drinks
Facts About Our Body’s Fuel
Trans Fat
WORKSHEET 3: Fat Intake
Glossary of Terms
Related Websites
Study Questions

4 Body Composition and Weight Management
Body Composition
Measuring Body Fat
Weight Management
Physical Activity and Energy Expenditure
Strategies for Weight Management
Hype? What Is Right?
Extreme Approaches to Weight Loss
Lean Body Mass
WORKSHEET 4: Current Diet Programs
LAB 2—Waist to Hip Ratio
LAB 2—Body Composition
LAB 2—Body Composition
Glossary of Terms
Related Websites
Study Questions

5 Muscle Strength and Muscle Endurance
Types of Muscle
Muscle Strength
Muscle Endurance
Types of Contractions
Weight Training Programs
Resistance Equipment
Special Strength Training Programs
Typical Training Systems
Safety Considerations
WORKSHEET 5: Muscle Strength
Muscle Endurance
LAB 3—Muscle Endurance Test
LAB 3—Muscle Endurance Test (Men)
LAB 3—Muscle Endurance Test (Women)
LAB 3—Muscular Strength Test
LAB 3—Muscular Strength Test
Glossary of Terms
Related Websites
Study Questions

6 Skill-Related Fitness
Skill-Related Fitness
Balance as a Part of Fitness
Components of Skill-Related Fitness
LAB 4—Agility Test
LAB 4—Balance Test (Dynamic)
LAB 4—Balance Test (Static)
LAB 4—Power Test
Swimming: Safety and Fundamentals
LAB 5—Aquatic Ability
WORKSHEET 6: Skill-Related Fitness
Glossary of Terms
Related Websites
Study Questions

7 Stress Management
Test Anxiety
Quick Fixes Which Are Not Recommended
Stress and Personality Types
Stress Management Alternatives
WORKSHEET 7: Vulnerability to Stress Questionnaire
Glossary of Term
Related Websites
Study Questions

8 Fitness for Life
Physiology of Aging
The Right Exercise Program for You Starts Here
Environmental Concerns
Special Populations
Physical Activity Related Injuries
WORKSHEET 8: Your Overall Fitness Assessment
Glossary of Terms
Related Websites
Study Questions

Supplemental Definitions

Jan Duquette

 Jan Duquette has been a faculty member at Saddleback Community College since 1977. She received her Master’s Degree (1981) in Curriculum and Instruction from San Diego State University,and her Bachelor’s Degree (1974) in Physical Education from Arizona State University. Her professional service and certifications include; Chairperson of the Community College Section of CAHPERD (1980); Author of Aerobic Dance: A Guide for Students (1985); Who’s Who in the West (1986); Certified Fitness Master Instructor by the American Council on Exercise, and Certified as an Advanced Fitness Specialist by the Institute of Aerobics Research. She is a member of the International Association of Fitness Professionals (IDEA), CAHPERD, and NEA. New courses she has created while at Saddleback College include: Power Aerobics, Step Training, Muscle Toning for Women, and a required associate degree class—Survey and Assessment of Fitness (with coauthor Duane Cain). She was responsible for designing the first softball field at Saddleback College and establishing the women’s intercollegiate softball program. Duquette is currently Department Chairperson for Kinesiology. In addition to the above accomplishments, she has earned her Private Pilot Certification, trains quarter horses, and competes in Professional Rodeo Women’s Barrel Racing.

Theodore Sommer Mccartney

Sommer McCartney is a Health and Kinesiology professor at Saddleback College. He also coaches the baseball team. Originally from San Jose, California, Sommer attended San Jose City College and then graduated from UC Riverside. He played baseball professionally in the Florida Marlins Organization for four seasons. Sommer obtained his Master’s in Education with emphasis in Physical Education from Azusa Pacific University, as well as his California Teaching Credential. In June of 2006 he completed a Master Fitness Specialist Certification at the Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas. Sommer is married with two children, and lives in San Clemente.

Duane O Cain

Duane Cain began teaching in 1955 at secondary schools in Los Angeles Unified, the Anaheim High School District, and has been at Saddleback Community College since 1971. He received his bachelor’s degree in physical education at Occidental College in 1954, and a master’s degree in education from Chapman College in 1971. His professional service includes 27 years of coaching at the secondary level in football, track and cross country and at the collegiate level in track and cross country. He is certified as an Advanced Fitness Specialist by the Institute of Aerobics Research as well as has memberships in CAHPERD, American College of Sports Medicine, and the American Running and Fitness Association. New curriculum that was developed while at Saddleback College included Analysis of Strength and Movement, Personalized Fitness, Circuit Training, and a required associate degree class—Survey and Assessment of Fitness (with co-author Jan Duquette). Cain has served in the Air Force as a multi-engine pilot, attaining the rank of captain. He is married, with a family of five children and five grandchildren, and he played competitive racquetball for 25 years. He retired from full time teaching in 1999.

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