Aviation and the Role of Government

Author(s): Harry W Lawrence

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2014

Pages: 556


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The NEW edition of Aviation and the Role of Government, by Harry Lawrence of the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, features revisions of almost all chapters, several completely rewritten chapters, as well as new statutes and cases added throughout.

Aviation and the Role of Government includes:

  • updates to cover all significant aviation related government actions and transportation events including NextGen, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Treaties, Alliances, Space Developments and others
  • an expanded history of Pratt & Whitney and its contribution to American world air superiority by the development of the radial engine
  • the ongoing contest over slot allocations and ownership between the government and the airlines
  • patent litigation history and resolution during WWI by the Wright brothers and Glenn Curtiss

Aviation and the Role of Government chronicles the involvement of government in the evolution of air transportation, including passing mention of early governmental involvement in prior modes of transport, such as the maritime and railroad industries, which formed the foundation of aviation.

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Table of Cases
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PART I Foundation
CHAPTER 1 Beginnings
CHAPTER 2 The Industrial Revolution
CHAPTER 3 The Railroads
CHAPTER 4 The Industrial Age and the Rise of Unionism

PART II Dreamers
CHAPTER 5 The Beginnings of Flight
CHAPTER 6 Prelude to Powered Flight
CHAPTER 7 The Wright Brothers

PART III Pioneers
CHAPTER 8 Glenn Curtiss
CHAPTER 9 World War I, NACA, and the End of the Wright Patent Litigation
CHAPTER 10 Airmail Story
CHAPTER 11 Horsepower

PART IV Regulation
CHAPTER 12 The Privatization of Airmail
CHAPTER 13 The Founding of the Airlines
CHAPTER 14 New Deal—The Roosevelt Administration
CHAPTER 15 State of the Airlines before the Civil Aeronautics Act
CHAPTER 16 The Civil Aeronautics Act of 1938
CHAPTER 17 World War II
CHAPTER 18 A New Beginning
CHAPTER 19 On the Way to the Jet Age
CHAPTER 20 The Federal Aviation Act
CHAPTER 21 The Next Jets
CHAPTER 22 The Department of Transportation
CHAPTER 23 Airports

PART V Deregulation
CHAPTER 24 Prelude to Deregulation
CHAPTER 25 The Airline Deregulation Act of 1978
CHAPTER 26 The Age of Lorenzo
CHAPTER 27 Carl Icahn and TWA
CHAPTER 28 Pan American and Deregulation
CHAPTER 29 Airline Labor Relations
CHAPTER 30 The Progression of Deregulation
CHAPTER 31 Deregulation and the Significance of Competition
CHAPTER 32 Antitrust Enforcement after Deregulation
CHAPTER 33 Airports and Deregulation
CHAPTER 34 Airports and the Environment
CHAPTER 35 Airlines in the 21st Century
CHAPTER 36 Something New Under the Sun: Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen), the National Airspace System, and Unmanned Air Vehicles

PART VI International Civil Aviation
CHAPTER 37 Treaties and International Civil Aviation Organizations
CHAPTER 38 Europe after World War II—The Rise of the European Economic Community
CHAPTER 39 American Deregulation and the European Union
CHAPTER 40 Global Deregulation Takes Off
CHAPTER 41 Beyond Earth

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Appendix 2
Appendix 3
Appendix 4
Appendix 5
Appendix 6
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Appendix 8


Harry W Lawrence

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ISBN 9781465273802

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