Becoming Magnetic: A Communication Handbook for Future Leaders

Author(s): Chris Lipp, Antoine de Morree

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2020

Pages: 186


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Becoming Magnetic is the complete guide to persuasive communication used by today’s leaders. Ensure you are not at a loss for words again. Learn how to phrase ideas, overcome resistance, and establish rapport to inspire large-scale change. Examples and cutting-edge research model how to win promotions and rise rapidly into leadership positions.

Introduction—When ­The Best Ideas Get Ignored

CHAPTER 1 Communicate Value

CHAPTER 2 Counter Resistance
Approach 1—Align Yourself
Approach 2—Acknowledge Freedom
Approach 3—Ask Advice

CHAPTER 3 Create Value
Approach 1—Establish a Problem-Solution
Approach 2—Set a Standard
Approach 3—Show the Benefits (and Vision)

CHAPTER 4 Relate
Approach 1—Shift Their Identity
Approach 2—Make Them Visible
Approach 3—Be on the Same Team

CHAPTER 5 Magnetic Stories and Data
CHAPTER 6 Magnetic Presentations
CHAPTER 7 Magnetic Email
CHAPTER 8 Magnetic Interviews
CHAPTER 9 Moving Forward

About the Authors

Chris Lipp

Chris Lipp is author of The Startup Pitch and regularly coaches entrepreneurs worldwide. His pitch formula has become the de facto standard for pitching startups, and he has helped secure hundreds of millions of dollars in venture capital. Chris leads workshops at innovation events for both government and industry, including Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, and Google. He has partnered with numerous startup accelerators, and has created multiple online pitch courses through organizations such as the Kauffman Fellows. Chris lectures on persuasion at Rice University. Previously he cofounded Stanford Leaders in Communication, a persuasions program which supports Stanford students in effecting change at local and statewide policy levels. He is an advocate for those who aim to manifest themselves and make change in the world.

Antoine de Morree

Antoine de Morrée, PhD is an Instructor in Neurological Sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine and has made seminal contributions in biomedical research. He won multiple competitive awards including an MDA Development Award for his research and his work has been published in top scientific journals including Science and Nature. As elected leader of 2,100 postdoctoral scholars, Antoine successfully lobbied for major policy changes in healthcare and transportation benefits at Stanford University, for which he received two leadership awards. Bridging the worlds of science and communication, he is uniquely equipped to aid scientists and engineers with their communication challenges. He cofounded Stanford Leaders in Communication and writes the blog Antoine did his postdoctoral training at Stanford University and holds a PhD in Human Genetics from Leiden University, e Netherlands, and MS and BS degrees from Utrecht University, The Netherlands. He is a Stanford-certified Compassion Facilitator.

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ISBN 9781792457760

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