Below the Surface: Ethnic Echoes in America's Modern and Contemporary Art

Author(s): Peggy Blood, Lee Ransaw

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2014

Pages: 306


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Art Featured on Cover 
About the Authors
About This Book 
A Message from the NAAHBCU’s President 
I Am an American Artist, Too 
Valuing Culture 
Comfort in the Presumptions of Culture 

Chapter 1 A Mixture of the Common Culture 
Modern Master Artist I, Kimsooja
Beauty from Ashes: American Indian Art as Witness to American History 
Historical Overview
21st-century Warriors and 9/11 Americans 
A New Kind of Manifest Destiny 
Honoring the Blend: Ancestral Recall
Aesthetic Significance

Chapter 2 Art as a Revelation 
Modern Master Artist II, Chun Hui Pak
Artist’s Statement on Her Work 
Art Transforms 
Fundamental Sources: Defining Art and Fine Art 
Art as Image 
Basic Components of Art 
Elements as a Foundation 
Visual Principles as a Foundation

Chapter 3 Fragments of African American History 
Modern Master Artist III, Kevin Cole 
African American Art and Music Connection 
Historical Perspective 
Formalism versus Contextualism
The Growth of African American Architecture (1800-2015) 
Formal Training Schools Attract Black Architects 
Black Architects Experience New Challenges 
Social Resistance against the Black Architect 
New Historic Pioneers of African American Architecture 
Minority-influenced Architecture 
Moving Forward 
Looking Back: A Quest for Social Freedom 
The Spirit of Freedom 
The Theft of Black Identity: Propaganda Art 
A New Black Identity 
The Changing Message in the Arts 
A Drive for Education: “Don’t let them see you cry” 
Brown v. Board of Education: Justice and Education for All 
Confrontation and Civil Disobedience 
The Media Helps Shape the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s

Chapter 4 Making the Mark
Modern Master IV, Rhea Carmi
Reaching the Dream 
Chinese American Identity 
Chinese Art in America
Chinese Cinema in America
Latin American Art 
American Caribbean Artists 
A New Look at the Haitian Renaissance 
Textile Arts/Sequin Flags

Chapter 5 National Alliance of Artists from Historical Black Colleges and Universities (NAAHBCU) Corner: Special Topics and Perspective 
Modern Master Artist V, Phillip Randolph Dotson
HBCU Artists and Murals: Speaking to Culture and Heritage 
Black Artists Connect to Historically Black Colleges 
The Fisk University Murals—Aaron Douglas 
The Clark University Murals—Hale Woodruff
Talladega College, the Amistad Murals—Hale Aspacio Woodruff 
Tuskegee University—Nelson Stevens, John Sims, John Kendrick 
Southern University, New Orleans—Jack Jordan, Jean Paul Hubbard 
Howard University—Charles White 
Hampton University—John Biggers
Texas Southern University Murals—Harvey Johnson, John Biggers
The Winston-Salem State University Murals—John Biggers
The Morris Brown College Murals—Louis Delsarte, Lee Ransaw
The Central State University Mural—Jon Onye Lockard
The Alabama State University Murals—Vincent Morgan, Robert O. Shealey, Lee A. Ransaw, Cleve Webber, Ricky Calloway 
The Black Mural Crisis 
Crossroads Faced during the Black Arts Movement 
Arts Organizations Creating Themes of Change 
Decline of the Black Arts Movement 
A Dilemma for Black Conceptual Artists
Black Artists Forge New Relationships: Festivals and Organizations 
The National Black Arts Festival



Peggy Blood

Lee Ransaw

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ISBN 9781465265043

Details Electronic Delivery EBOOK 180 days