Biology 101 Textbook and Laboratory Kit

Author(s): Magellan Learning Solutions LLC

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2020

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General Biology I: The Science of Life is a foundational publication for non-major’s biology students. It comes with a kit that includes everything the student needs for the course, making it perfect for online courses as well as in-person learning. This publication integrates biology with everyday life, explores paradoxes, features mnemonic learning strategies, and more!

Chapter 1 Welcome to Biology!

1 Unit 1 That’s Life…
Chapter 2 Chemistry Comes Alive
Chapter 3 The Cell As a City
Chapter 4 Energy Drives Life

Unit 2 Is it all in the Genes?
Chapter 5 Molecular Genetics
Chapter 6 Inheriting Genes

Unit 3 We Are Not Alone!
Chapter 7 Evolution Gives our Biodiversity
Chapter 8 Before Plants and Animals: Viruses, Bacteria, Protists, and Fungi
Chapter 9 Getting to Land: The Incredible Plants

Unit 4 A Small Hole Sinks a Big Ship – Our Fragile Ecosystem
Chapter 10 Population Dynamics and Communities that Form
Chapter 11 Ecosystems and Biomes 

Magellan Learning Solutions LLC

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ISBN 9781792436383

Details Kit with Other Material