Bottle Biology

Author(s): Wisconsin Fast Plants Program

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2003

Pages: 136

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Bottle Biology is an "idea book," full of ways you can use recyclable containers to learn about science and the environment. The projects in this book promote science as a tool everyone can use to explore the world. These explorations can be integrated with history, art, music and other creative endeavors. For more information go to


Introduction: Discover the world in a bottle

Bottle Biology Tips
What you will find in a Chapter

 1. Bottle Basics: Collecting, cleaning and cutting

Bottle Biology Tool Kit
Collecting Bottles
Removing Labels
Cutting Bottles
Building Blocks
Making Holes
Joining Bottles
Hanging Bottles
Fast Plants
Film Cans
Scientific and lab supply companies

 2. Decomposition Column: When is the end a beginning?

Build a Decomposition Column
Rot Race: A decomposition experiment
What is All That Rot?: The microbiology of decomposition
Worm Composting: Never underestimate the power of a worm
Build a Worm Column

 3. Kimchee: Does fermentation lead to good taste?

Build a Fermentation Chamber
Acids and Bases: Make your own pH indicator
What Does the Salt Do? Osmosis and density changes in kimchee
Good Bug, Bad Rap: An introduction to fermentation

 4. Soil Meditations: What goes on under your feet?

Build a Sedimentation Bottle
Build a Soil Column
Film Can Mysteries: How dense is dirt?
Cooking with Soils: Experiment with plant nutrition
What is Soil?: Exploring texture and water holding capacity

 5. Predator-Prey Column: Who eats whom?

Build a Fruit Fly Trap
Build a Predator-Prey Column
Carnivorous Plants
Praying Mantis

 6. TerrAqua Column: What is the land-water connection?

Build a TerrAqua Column
Science Exploration Map
Salt Pollution: Does salt affect plant growth?
Water Cycle Column: Is rain pure?
Build a Water Cycle Column

 7. Ecocolumn: Model your own ecosystem

Build an Ecocolumn Column
Niche Kit: What makes a home?
Tropical Forest Ecocolumn: What is tropical?

 8. Hanging Bottles:

Hanging Decomposition Column
Hanging TerrAqua Column
Hanging Ecocolumn

 9. Science in a Film Can: Big science in a small space

Film Can Germination: What makes a seed sprout?
Film Can Gravitropism: Does a plant know which way is up?
Film Can Phototropism: Do plants prefer colors?
Film Can Bioassay: How much is too much?

 10. Gardening Systems: How does a garden grow?

Film Can Wickpots
Bottle Base Reservoir
Build a Plant Lighthouse
Bottle Cap Gardens
Film Can Garden
Grow Bucket

 11. Bottle Instruments and Devices

Film Can Hand Lens
Bottle Microscope
Film Can Microscope
Bottle Balance
Bottle Timer
Water Bottle
Graduated Cylinder and Funnel
Film Can Flashlight
Twine Dispenser

 12. Index


Wisconsin Fast Plants Program

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