Business Communication in a Technological World

Author(s): Brandy Fair, Chris Gurrie

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2022


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Business Communication in a Technological World is an audience centered approach to communicating with various publics and receivers in multiple types of organizations. There is no doubt technology has shaped the professional landscape with ever-changing modalities and programs. As a result, users of technological communication are compelled to stay up-to-date or move over when it comes to creating understanding. This text works to provide solutions that are not trendy or soon-to-be outdated. Instead, the goal is to introduce common sense approaches to technology and business communication allowing speakers and communicators to self-adjust their messages based on audience need, perception, and available resources.

Chapters fuse together communication theory, research, and best practices with examples, common situations, and scenarios to offer a quick and easy guide for students and their individual professional communication needs. In a time when many free and open resources are available online, and students and faculty may be inundated with choices for professional communication study, Business Communication in a Technological World seeks to guide students in a coaching format where students can apply concepts to meet their everyday needs.

CHAPTER 1 Why Business Communication Is Different? 

CHAPTER 2 Culture

CHAPTER 3 Perception of Self and Others

CHAPTER 4 Generations in the Business Workplace 

CHAPTER 5 Verbal Communication 

CHAPTER 6 Nonverbal Communication 

CHAPTER 7 Presentations

CHAPTER 8 Organization and Structure 

CHAPTER 9 Informative Communication

CHAPTER 10 Persuasive Communication

CHAPTER 11 Citing Sources in a Digital World

CHAPTER 12 Visuals in a Virtual World

CHAPTER 13 Cover Letters, Resumes, and Interviewing

CHAPTER 14 Listening and Meetings

CHAPTER 15 The Art of Good Speaking in Business and Beyond: Delivery

CHAPTER 16 The Art of Good Writing and Technology

CHAPTER 17 Group Communication

CHAPTER 18 The Future

Brandy Fair

Chris Gurrie

"I personally found the first couple of chapters over resume writing and preparing for interviews to be the most helpful. I am a firefighter and when we test to promote, your resume and how well you do on an interview are weighted heavily.  I will use this book the next time a promotion exam comes up to better prepare my resume."

-student, Grayson College

"The content that I found most useful for my every day and future life was how to effectively create a job resume, the most effective ways to communicate in a professional environment, and the best ways to prepare and deliver speeches in front of an audience. From reading the book, I took down some good pointers that I’ll be able to use when I apply for my dream job. I’ll also be able to use what I’ve learned from reading the book to make sure I always effectively communicate in professional and all environments."

-student, Grayson College

"The book also taught me a lot on the best ways to prepare and deliver speeches which will be very useful in the future. For my dream job I will have to go through an oral board, and this class has given me some great pointers on how to stay calm and speak effectively."

-student, Grayson College

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