Business Math: Using Percents

Author(s): Steven J Wilson

Edition: 4

Copyright: 2020

Pages: 366


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Designed for a one-semester post-arithmetic college level course, Business Math: Using Percents emphasizes the use of percentages in business and discusses payroll, retailing, the value of assets, simple and compound interest, and the time value of money.

Written for students proficient in the operations of elementary arithmetic, Business Math: Using Percents fuses a textbook with a website that contains current payroll tax information and financial calculators.  In addition, the publication includes exercises graded by difficulty to assess the reader’s comprehension of concepts and techniques presented.


Chapter 1: Fundamentals

1.1          Numbers
1.2          Operations
1.3          Graphs
1.4          Averages
1.5          Proportions

Chapter 2: Percents
2.1          Interpretation of Percents
2.2          Percent Conversions
2.3          Basic Percent Problems
2.4          Percent Change
2.5          Compounding of Percents

Chapter 3: Payroll
3.1          Salaries and Wages
3.2          Commission and Piecework
3.3          FICA and FUTA 
3.4          Withholding for Income Tax
3.5          After Taxes

Chapter 4: Retailing
4.1          Profitability
4.2          Trade Discounts
4.3          Cash Discounts
4.4          Markups
4.5          Shrinkage
4.6          Markdowns
4.7          Sales Taxes
4.8          Income Statements

Chapter 5: Asset Values     
5.1          Balance Sheets
5.2          Inventory
5.3          Basic Depreciation
5.4          Accelerated Depreciation
5.5          Ratio Analysis

Chapter 6: Simple Interest
6.1          The Interest Formula
6.2          Finding Principal, Rate, or Time
6.3          Adding Interest
6.4          Discount Interest
6.5          Rates
6.6          Applying Loan Payments

Chapter 7: Time Value of Money
7.1          TVM Variables
7.2          Lump Sum Deposits
7.3          Savings Plans
7.4          Savings Withdrawals
7.5          Loans

Chapter 8: Financial Issues
8.1          Total Interest
8.2          Effective Rates and the APR
8.3          Rates of Return and APY
8.4          Present Worth
8.5          Effects of Inflation

Withholding Tax Tables
Table of Days
Formulas for Compound Interest and Annuities
Answers to Selected Exercises


Steven J Wilson

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ISBN 9781792422850

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