C++ Data Structures

Author(s): James N Helfrich

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2022

Pages: 554


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C++ Data Structures is designed to fit perfectly into the third semester of Computer Science or Software Engineering curriculums by teaching three important skills. First, C++ Data Structures helps students learn how the most useful data structures work by guiding them through common manipulations. Each student will have an opportunity to learn their inner workings by both manipulating the data structures by hand and to building them from scratch.

Second, C++ Data Structures illustrates how to solve problems with data structures. The classical problems are presented as well as several new and original ones. Extra attention is spent on problem solving skills – both techniques and ways to evaluate the quality of solutions.

Finally, C++ Data Structures helps students learn how to write code to match an interface. This will be done through developing data structures to match C++’s standard template.


Second Edition Coming Soon!


Title Page

Table of Contents


Chapter 01: Boolean

Chapter 02: Integer

Chapter 03: Real Number

Chapter 04: Linked List

Chapter 05: Binary Tree

Chapter 06: Binary Search Tree

Chapter 07: Graph

Chapter 08: Vector

Chapter 09: List

Chapter 10: Deque

Chapter 11: Stack

Chapter 12: Queue

Chapter 13: Priority Queue

Chapter 14: Hash

Chapter 15: Set

Chapter 16: Map

Appendix A: Pseudocode

Appendix B: UML Class Diagram

Appendix C: Operator Overloading

Appendix D: Template

Appendix E: Iterator

Appendix F: Nested Class

Appendix G: Namespace

Appendix H: Recursion

Appendix I: Allocator

Appendix J: Algorithmic Efficiency

Appendix K: Glossary


James N Helfrich

Related ISBN's: 9781792490361, 9798765720851




ISBN 9781792490361

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