Case Studies in Ancient Leadership

Author(s): John Walsh

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2019

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Chapter 1   Introduction

Chapter 2   Alexander the Great and Transformational Leadership

Chapter 3   Agamemnon and Transactional Leadership

Chapter 4   Odysseus and Charismatic Leadership

Chapter 5   The Greek Pantheon and Laissez-Faire Leadership

Chapter 6   Julius Caesar and Autocratic Leadership

Chapter 7   Pericles and Democratic Leadership

Chapter 8   The Persian Wars: Theory X and Theory Y

Chapter 9   Ancient Greece and Rome: Gender and Leadership

Chapter 10  Antipater and Path–Goal Theory

Chapter 11  The Rise and Fall of Rome: Blake and Mouton’s Managerial Grid

Chapter 12  Using the Fiedler Contingency Model to Evaluate Ancient Greek and Roman Leaders

John Walsh

John Walsh is a Classicist who teaches at the University of Guelph, Canada. His PhD and chief research interests are in the field of Hellenistic literature; however, he has published widely in the field of Classics. John now teaches at the same University he attended as an undergraduate, having returned after a lengthy sojourn, a personal odyssey of sorts, in the Antipodes. Through his teaching, he has seen firsthand that students embrace the themes raised in Homer with an urgency that suggests they find the ancient epics useful and relevant as they navigate their modern lives. This novel is presented in response to the questions they have raised in countless lectures, questions about the place of war, the objectification of women, and the nature of honor and masculinity in our culture. The work does not mean to offer answers but merely to frame some of the questions in a more recognizable context and help guide the reader to their own deeper understanding of the eternal riddle of human conflict.

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ISBN 9781524983062

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