Casing Interpersonal Communication: Case Studies in Personal and Social Relationships

Author(s): Dawn O Braithwaite, Julia T Wood

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2015

Pages: 214

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Editors Dawn O. Braithwaite and Julia T. Wood put the proven concept of active learning to work for interpersonal communication students.

Now available in a convenient and affordable ($30) electronic format, the NEW second edition of Casing Interpersonal Communication expands on traditional interpersonal communication textbooks by immersing students in real life situations.

Easily adaptable to any existing interpersonal communication textbook, Casing Interpersonal Communication:

  • Is available in an affordable ($30) electronic format that is easily accessible on a multitude of devices (desktop, online, or mobile). Readers can create study notes, collaborate with teachers and classmates, and search the text or notes to increase study time efficiency!
  • Includes thirty easy to read case studies written by experts that encourage students to use abstract and conceptual knowledge drawn from theory and research to analyze and address concrete circumstances that will help them to then apply this knowledge to their own lives and relationships.
  • Features cases written from the viewpoint of different people, teaching students to appreciate multiple perspectives on communication and the situations in which it occurs.
  • Helps students expand their personal repertoire of communication choices so they can adapt effectively to diverse contexts, individuals, and relationships.
  • Features an introductory chapter on how to use case studies in the classroom.
  • Allows instructors to customize the book by purchasing single cases for $5 per case or 30 cases for $30.

Introduction: Teaching with Case Studies

Part I - Negotiating Personal Identity in Relationships
1 What’s In a Name? Negotiating Marital Names Changes
Karen A. Foss, Belle A. Edson, and Jennifer A. Linde
2 The Whole Package: Commodifying the Self
Naomi Johnson
3 Moving Up: The Challenges of Communicating a New Social Class Identity
Kristen Lucas
4 The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth? Negotiating Face and Revealing Difficult Information
Jennifer Lynne Cronin
5 Why has “Finding God” Changed My Relationships? Managing Change Associated with Religious Conversion Douglas L. Kelley, Debra- L-Sequeira
6 When a Daughter Becomes a Son: Negotiating Gender, Identity, and Ambiguous Loss in Families Kristen Norwood

Part II - Coming Together: Developing Closeness with Others
7 Talking Family: The Discourses of Voluntary Kin
Dawn O. Braithwaite, Betsy Wackernagel Bach, Sarah E. Wilder, Haley Kranstuber Horstman, and Sayaka Sato Mumm
8 He Says/She Says: Misunderstandings between Men and Women Julia T. Wood
9 Traversing Racial and National Boundaries: Adopting Transracially and Internationally
Elizabeth Suter
10 Becoming a “Real Family”: Turning Points and Competing Discourses in Stepfamilies
Dawn O. Braithwaite, Leslie A. Baxter, and Paul Schrodt
11 No Strings Attached: Friends with Benefits on a College Campus
Kendra Knight, Paul A. Mongeau, and Denisha Biggers
12 Opening Closed Doors: Managing Identity and Privacy with Social Media
Jeffrey T. Child

Part III - Communication Processes in Established Relationships
13 Disclosing Private Information: Newly Married Couple’s Embarrassing Dilemmas
Sandra Petronio
14 A Place for Connecting and Disclosing: Facebook and Friendships at the Dawn of College Life
Andrew M. Ledbetter and Joseph P. Mazer
15 Having—and Doing—it All? The Hidden Nature of Informal Support Systems in Career and Personal Life Management
Suzy D’Enbeau, Patrice M. Buzzanell
16 Same Sex Marriage At Any Age: The Enduring Struggle for Acceptance of Marriage Equality
Clark D. Olson
17 Shallow Talk and Separate Spaces: Dealing with Relational Conflict
Sandra Metts
18 Yard Sales and Yellow Roses: Rituals in Enduring Relationships
Carol Bruess
19 Being Similar and Different: Multiethnic-racial Identity and Communication in Personal and Family Relationships
Jordan Soliz

Part IV - Series Challenges in Interpersonal Communication
20 It Can’t be Domestic Violence; We’re not Married! The Many Faces of Intimate Partner Violence
Loreen N. Olson, Emily A. Rauscher
21 Unilateral Union: Obsessive Relational Intrusion and Stalking in a Romantic Context
William R. Cupach, Brian H. Spitzberg
22 Muslims, Head Coverings, and Fantasy Football: Moving Beyond the Stereotype
Timothy M. Muehlhoff
23 (When and How) Should I Tell? Disclosing Social Identity in Personal Relationships
Brenda J. Allen
24 What Happened? Naming and Talking about Acquaintance Rape
Kate Lockwood Harris
25 Starting a new Family Legacy: Transitioning from High School to College as a First Generation College Student
Tiffany R. Wang

Part V - Change and Continuity in Long- Term Relationships
26 The Queen and Her Bee: Social Aggression in Female Friendship
Erin K. Willer
27 College is just not the Same: Communicating and Managing Identity on Social Media
Jenna Stephenson Abetz and Amanda Holman
28 Who’s the Parent Now? When Adult Children Become Caregivers for Parents
Julia T. Wood
29 “I’m Sorry for Your Loss”: Communicating with Those Who are Bereaved
Paige W. Toller
30 Friends of the Heart: Communication between Long-Term Friends
Mary E. Rohlfing

Dawn O Braithwaite

Dawn O. Braithwaite (Ph.D., University of Minnesota) is a Willa Cather Professor and Chair of Communication at University of Nebraska–Lincoln. She studies communication in discourse dependent families, rituals, and dialectics of relating, publishing 100 articles and five books. Braithwaite received National Communication Association’s Brommel Award in Family Communication and was named a Western States Communication Association Distinguished Scholar. She is a Fellow of the Council of Contemporary Families, Past President of the WSCA and National Communication Associations.

Julia T Wood

Julia T. Wood (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania) is the Caroline H. and Thomas S. Royster Distinguished Professor of Graduate Education, Emerita and the Lineberger Distinguished Professor of Humanities, Emerita at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She studies communication in personal relationships and gender, communication, and culture. She has published 100 articles and chapters and authored or edited 25 books. She has received fourteen awards for distinguished scholarship and thirteen teaching awards.

Braithwaite & Wood’s Casing Interpersonal Communication pulls readers in like a good novel by portraying compelling and vivid glimpses into human relationships operating within numerous communication contexts. With fresh and sometimes surprising details attuned to real-life complexities, these memorable cases stick. Many cases layer details in ways that promise to enrich how readers view phenomena and encourage them to question how one should engage with others in particular situations. Through character’s viewpoints, readers are drawn into the struggles of working class professionals and first generation college students, former football heroes who suffer strained relationships after finding God in a post-car crash world, individuals identifying as gay/lesbian/transgender and negotiating relationships through social media and face-to-face encounters, and partner violence and stalking. Details not only enable exploration of ageism, immigration, cultural and religious misunderstandings, changing self-presentations and friends’ commentary in social media, and much more but also can be reconsidered from other viewpoints. In all, this case collection offers many possibilities for generating sophisticated problem-centered analyses through provocative guiding questions that lack easy or “right” answers, offering a foundation for continuous learning about interpersonal relationships across the lifespan.
Dr. Patrice M. Buzzanell, Purdue University

Casing Interpersonal Communication is a valuable resource and the new cost is AMAZING! I also love that you can use individual cases for $5 each. I'm VERY excited!
Dr. Carol J. Bruess - University of St. Thomas – Minnesota

Casing Interpersonal Communication looks great! I love the diversity and the balance between traditional topics and recently emerging topics.
Dr. Sandra Metts – Illinois State University

Students can access Casing Interpersonal Communication from their computer, smart phone, or tablet. I tried reading it on all platforms and it's really convenient. In fact, I just finished reading Jenna and Amanda's case on my iPad while having dinner out!
Dr. Tiffany Wang - University of Montevallo

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ISBN 9781465259745

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