Casing Mediated Communication

Author(s): Corey Liberman, Kevin Wright

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Copyright: 2021

Pages: 452


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The mass media has long been an important research and theoretical focus of the communication discipline. New media scholars conduct media research from a variety of scholarly traditions, including social science, humanistic/interpretive approaches, critical/ cultural studies, and rhetorical studies. The growth of the Internet, social media, mobile applications, media convergence, and a variety of other technological advances have significantly transformed the media landscape. Casing Mediated Communication presents 26 case studies that explore the multi-faceted nature of new media and mediated communication as applied to current communication contexts, such as interpersonal relationships, online dating, online organizational communication, online social support, strategic communication, and global new media communication and international/intercultural issues.

CHAPTER 1 The Official Emergency Responders Had Infrastructure: We had iPhones (Stephens, Tich, & Quist)

CHAPTER 2 Health-related Self-disclosure Online: Emotion Expression by One Online Community Member Across 460 Posts (Rains & Nemcova)

CHAPTER 3 Weak Tie Network Support in an Online Substance Abuse Community (Wright)

CHAPTER 4 Shhhh, I’m Working: Working from Home and Struggling to Manage Relationships (Riforgiate, Gattoni, & Kahlow)

CHAPTER 5 Anonymous Relationships: Alcoholics Anonymous and Mediated Communication (Kang & Scott)

CHAPTER 6 Swipe For Support: The Role of Affordances on Supportive Communication (Callejas & High)

CHAPTER 7 Just Write the Review: Identity Performance, Context Collapse, and Work at Cyper Technologies (Underhill & Piercy)

CHAPTER 8 Grandparent-Grandchild Communication During the Transition to Personal Media (Hatfield)

CHAPTER 9 Taking Dissent Practices Online: The Use of Computer-Mediated Communication to Generate Employee Voice and Produce Organizational Change (Liberman)

CHAPTER 10 Technology and the Parent-Adolescent Relationship (Tikkanen & Weller)

CHAPTER 11 How Can You Love Someone You’ve Never Met? The Case of Angie’s Catfish and the Hyperpersonal Model (Lane)

CHAPTER 12 Tinder: For Finding Love or Sex? (Punyanunt-Carter)

CHAPTER 13 Social Media Influencers and Social Support: An Environmental Breast Cancer Intervention with Motherhood Bloggers and Their Readers (Wright,Burke-Garcia, & Fisher)

CHAPTER 14 Online Patient Portals for Healthcare Communication: The Case of Vera’s Difficulty Practicing What She Preaches (Liberman & Stassen)

CHAPTER 15 Up All Night with Facebook: A New Mother’s Use of an Online Community to Find Support (Meluch & LeBlanc)

CHAPTER 16 Someone That I Used to Know: Ghosting as a Dissolution Strategy (LeFebvre)

CHAPTER 17 Fans, Athletes, and Twitter: Analyzing Twitter for (Para) Social Relationship Building (Watkins)

CHAPTER 18 Computer-Mediated Communication and Refugee Resettlement: The Case of Social Media Use Among Syrian Refugee Youths in Ottawa, Canada (Veronis & Ahmed)

CHAPTER 19 Social Media Influencers as Brand Ambassadors: Understanding the Role of Social Influence and Relationship Building Within the Online Gaming Industry (Liberman, Rennie, & Byrum)

CHAPTER 20 Bonding Apart: Building Mediated Relationships Among Fulltime Teleworkers (Gobes-Ryan & Hanson)

CHAPTER 21 Blurring the Line Between Social and Parasocial Relationships (Clark & Laliker)

CHAPTER 22 The Dark Side of Social Media: Enabling Effective Parental Engagement with the Online Communication of Self-Harming Adolescents (Reznik & Miller)

CHAPTER 23 Cancer to Computer: A Case Study of Women Building Social Support Relationships Online to Aidin Cancer Recovery (Elkins)

CHAPTER 24 Mediated Communication and Relational Maintenance and Satisfaction in Romantic, Long-Distance Relationships (Steele & McConney)

CHAPTER 25 Worlds Apart: Mediated Communication from Across the Globe (Machette)

CHAPTER 26 Where Do We Draw the Line? Exploring Mediated Communication and Work/Family Borders (Storch & Ortiz)

Corey Liberman

Corey Jay Liberman (PhD, Rutgers University, 2008) is an associate professor of public relations and strategic communication in the Department of Communication and Media Arts at Marymount Manhattan College. His research spans the interpersonal communication, group communication, and organizational communication worlds, and he is currently interested in studying the social practices of dissent within organizations, specifically the antecedents, processes, and effects associated with effective employee dissent communication, as well as risk and crisis communication. He is currently working on a coauthored book entitled Risk and Crisis Communication: Communicating in a Disruptive World (in press) and is coauthor of Organizational Communication: Strategies for Success (2nd Edition), editor of Casing Persuasive Communication, and coeditor of Casing Crisis and Risk Communication, Casing Mediated Communication, and Casing Communication Theory, all published by Kendall Hunt.

Kevin Wright

Kevin B. Wright (PhD, University of Oklahoma, 1999) is a professor in the Department of Communication at George Mason University. His main research interests include social media and health campaigns, online health information–seeking behaviors, online social support and health outcomes, and stress and burnout among healthcare workers.

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