Casing Organizational Communication

Author(s): Jason S Wrench

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2012

Pages: 266


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Casing Organizational Communication Demonstrates Communication Theory via Real-World Examples

One of the biggest challenges organizational communication instructors face is that most students have minimal or no corporate experience. As such, showing students how to apply the theoretical content of organizational communication, or how to employ the skills discussed in organizational communication, is quite difficult because they do not immediately see the utility. 

Casing Organizational Communication offers practical examples of a wide range of different topics.

Casing Organizational Communication

  • Represents the culmination of a century of understanding about how students learn and apply business related concepts, skills, and theory. 
  • Contains decision-based cases, or cases that require the reader to come to some kind of decision. The reader is 1) introduced to the main character; 2) introduced to others involved in the case; 3) presented with the main communication problem; and 4) prompted to come up with the decision the main character should make.
  • Guides the reader through the decision-making process.

Part I. Organizing Communication
1. Status Update: The Ethics of Facebook Checks in the Hiring Process Thomas Wagner, Bekah Ford, Mary Kniffin, Maria Konerman, and Nathan Locklear
2. Bad for Your Health Organization Heather J. Carmack
3. A Snapshot of Ethics: Managing Sensitive Information Erin E. Gilles, Shannon M. Brogan, and Melissa Smith
4. Learning the Job Michael W. Kramer
5. From Paris with Love: A Communication Case Study of Organizational Learning J. Jacob Jenkins
6. Organizing for People without Homes: How Does Structure Impact the Organization? David R. Novak

Part II. Internal Communication
7. The New Guy: A Case of Organizational Socialization—Politics, Personalities and Multiple Perspectives Leah M. Omilion and Colin R. Baker
8. A Merger and a Manager Lara Stache
9. Behind Closed Doors: Formal and Informal Communication Networks at FootWorld Corey Jay Liberman
10. When Face-to-Face Communication and Technology Meet Elizabeth Tolman
11. The Unfortunate Promotion Audra T. Buras, Kimberly M. Hutchins, and Jeffrey W. Kassing
12. Dealing with an Emotional Tyrant Juliann C. Scholl

Part III. Workplace Relationships
13. Servant Leadership: The Story of Dr. Dan Damon Carolyn M. Anderson and Heather L. Walter
14. Never Again Kris Grill
15. Friendly Fire Franziska Macur
16. The Ballad of Bloomfield Academy Robyn Fink, Caitlin Hamryszak, Adrienne Sliz, and Sarah Upperman
17. Breaking News: Romance Controversy in the Workplace Thomas Wagner, Anne Baker, Jenna Giorgione, and Laura Wallace
18. Mascots Gone Wild: An Exploration of Workplace Harassment Ethics Shannon M. Brogan, Erin E. Gilles, and Le’Artis W. Allen, II

Part IV. Communicating Diversity
19. Somebody Different  Jeff Youngquist
20. Innocent Comments at IF Industries Anastacia Kurylo
21. The Best of Intentions Diana L. Tucker
22. Isolated Native Rui Liu, Shireen Kaur Ghawri, Nhung Nguyen, Yao Li, and Jiuzhen Shen
23. Personal Foul: Contract Interference Caryn Quinn, Tim Pearce, Brent Hogan, and Allison Burritt
24. The Three R’s: Religion, Rights, and Responsibility Alfred G. Mueller II

Part V. External Communication
25. A Crisis in Customer Service Elizabeth Kranz and Danielle Clark
26. Intergenerational Communication Struggles: A Skirmish over Sales via Facebook Marlane C. Steinwart
27. Mount Kenya Coffee Jason S. Wrench and Doreen Jowi
28. A Road to Nowhere Jason S. Wrench and Lauren Jensen
29. How to Win Friends and Influence People: The Art of Organizational Interventions Lynn Cooper
30. What Is the Real Problem? Robert Whitbred

Jason S Wrench

Jason S. Wrench (Ed.D., West Virginia University) is an associate professor and chair of the Communication Department at the State University of New York at New Paltz. Dr. Wrench has published numerous books on a variety of communication topics: Intercultural Communication: Power in Context, Communication, Affect, and Learning in the Classroom (2000, Tapestry Press), Principles of Public Speaking (2003, The College Network), Human Communication in Everyday Life: Explanations and Applications (2008, Allyn & Bacon), Quantitative Research Methods for Communication: A Hands-On Approach (2008 & 2013, Oxford University Press), The Directory of Communication Related Mental Measures (Summer 2010, National Communication Association), Stand Up, Speak Out: The Practice and Ethics of Public Speaking (2011, Flat World Knowledge), Communication Apprehension, Avoidance, and Effectiveness (2013, Allyn & Bacon), Training and Development: The Intersection of Communication and Talent Development in the Modern Workplace (2014, Kendall Hunt), and Organizational Communication: Theory, Research, and Practice (2015, Flat World Knowledge). Dr. Wrench has also edited a number of books: Casing Organizational Communication (2011, Kendall Hunt), Workplace Communication for the 21st Century: Tools and Strategies that Impact the Bottom Line: Vol. 1. Internal Workplace Communication, Vol. 2. External Workplace Communication (2013, both with Praeger), and Casing Public Relations (2014, Kendall Hunt). Dr. Wrench was the editor of the Ohio Communication Journal from 2005 to 2007, served as an associate editor for Communication Research Reports from 2007 to 2010, and has been on the editorial board of numerous academic journals. Furthermore, Dr. Wrench has published over 30 research articles that have appeared in various journals: Communication Quarterly, Communication Research Reports, Education, Human Communication, Journal of Homosexuality, Journal of Intercultural Communication, Southern Communication Journal, The Source: A Journal of Education, and The NACADA Journal (National Academic Advising Association).

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