Casing Sport Communication

Author(s): Jason S Wrench, Diana Tucker

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2016

Pages: 358


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Casing Sport Communication applies the proven concept of active learning to undergraduate and entry-level graduate courses in sport communication.

Students engaged in case analysis learn to think, analyze, react, and evaluate so that they develop transferable critical, analytical, problem-focused skills that they can transfer to other situations in workplace settings and in life in general.

Casing Sport Communication features cases:

  • that represent a variety of scenarios that decision makers will encounter in the dynamic sport industry.
  • from a myriad of perspectives as they relate to sport. Perspectives include corporate, consumer, professional athletic organizations, nonprofit, business-to-business, and more.
  • written and created by diverse scholars and practitioners from across North America.
  • that require the reader to come to some kind of decision. It is in the case analyses that students will decide upon the best solution, and most importantly learn the reasoning process that leads to good decision making in the fast-paced sport communication world.

About the Editors of this Collection

Chapter 1: A Review of Sport Communication
Chapter 2: Why Cases for Sport Communication?
Chapter 3: Analyzing Case Studies

Part 1: Relational Communication and Sport

Voice of a Pro
Kevin Hartman
Case 1: Parents Make the Best and Worst Coaches
Taylor Wilson and John Spinda
Case 2: The “Helicopter” Parent and College Athletic Disappointment
Chuka Onwumechili and Joanna Jenkins
Case 3: Every Day is Game Day
Deleasa Randall-Griffiths
Case 4: Confessions of a Dance Team: The Interface of Sport, Dance, and Family Communication
Scott A. Myers, Jordan Atkinson, Hannah Ball, and Dana Borzea
Case 5: Calling it Foul: An Ethical Dilemma on the Tennis Court
J. D. Elliott and John Spinda
Case 6: Skating on Thin Ice: Diffusing Competitiveness in Figure-Skating Friendships
Erin E. Gilles, Shannon M. Brogan and Kimberly A. Sipes
Case 7: Going Hard in the Paint: A Case of Coach-Athlete Violence
Shannon M. Brogan, Erin E. Gilles, and Erin Gilliam

Part 2: Team Communication and Sport
Voice of a Pro
James P. Tressel
Case 8: Victory Isn’t Everything: Latent and Articulated Dissent as Forms of Player Backlash on a Winning High School Football Team
Corey Jay Liberman
Case 9: When Winning Isn’t Always Winning
Patrick J. Carey and John Spinda
Case 10: Sports vs. Church: The Dilemma of Choosing Sides
Angela S. Jacobs
Case 11: Playing the Blame Game: Negotiating Loyalty, Power, and Control among Teammates
Alaina C. Zanin
Case 12: Wrestling with Team Conflict
Joshua Daniel Phillips
Case 13: Communicating Pain: Negotiating the Tensions of Leadership, Toughness, and Injury
Taylor Anguiano and John G. McClellan
Case 14: The Bucks Women’s Rugby Team Faces Coaching Dilemma: Bucks Face Dilemma
Elizabeth Ravaioli and John Spinda

Part 3: Public Relations and Sport
Voice of a Pro
Jackson Jayanayagam
Case 15: Battling the Big Mo: MMA and the Power of Buzz
Dariela Rodriguez and Gwendelyn Nisbett
Case 16: Beyond X’s and O’s on the Court: Why Social Media Demands a New Playbook for Student-Athletes
Margaret C. Stewart and Jeffrey B. Eisenberg
Case 17: The Corporate Social Responsibility Save
Paul Ziek and Julio A. Rodriguez-Rentas
Case 18: The Truth is in the Photo? The Ramifications of a Photo Posted on Instagram
Allison R. Levin
Case 19: Managing Social Media: Responding to Critics on Twitter
Theo Plothe
Case 20: A Social Mess
Stacy Smulowitz
Case 21: The Closed File: Practicing Ethical Communication to Ensure Transparency
Shaniece B. Bickham
Case 22: How Did This End Up On My Doorstep? A Head Coach is Accused of Physical Assault
Karen L. Hartman

Part 4: Organizational Communication and Sport
Voice of a Pro
Leann Parker
Case 23: To Gain or Not to Gain, That is the Question
Michael W. Kramer
Case 24: History or Hubris: A College Golf Program Reaches a Crossroads
John F. Borland
Case 25: Fouling Out?
Raúl J. Feliciano Ortiz
Case 26: I’m a Star. Give me an “A.”
Julio A. Rodriguez-Rentas, Regina Pappalardo, and Paul Ziek
Case 27: Peak Performance
Stephanie Martinez
Case 28: Sacrifice and Winning: The Difficult Reality of Players, Management, and Contracts
Stephen Puckette and John Spinda
Case 29: But in the End, It Wasn’t Enough
Jason S. Wrench

Part 5: The Culture of Sport
Voice of a Pro
Michele Tafoya
Case 30: Tiger Trouble
Carlee Tressel Alson
Case 31: “Man up!” The Potential Influence of Sport and Gender Socialization on Athletes’ Reactions to Injury
Gregory A. Cranmer and Maria Brann
Case 32: Interfaith Divisions at Southern State University
Jason Moyer and Thomas C. Johnson
Case 33: Gridlock on the Gridiron: Gender Issues in Football
Nancy J. Curtin
Case 34: Fetuao’s Dilemma: Negotiating Gender and Sexuality in the Hypermasculine World of Rugby
Gust A. Yep and Nicholas T. Chivers
Case 35: “Jersey Chasing” Dreams: Unpacking Hegemonic Masculinity within Collegiate Recruitment Practices
Julie L. Taylor
Case 36: Whose Ball is it Anyway?
Mary C. Toale and Katherine S. Thweatt
Case 37: “Junk in the Trunk”: Body Shaming in Women’s Soccer
Diana L. Tucker

Author Biographies

Appendix A – Case Analysis Worksheet

Jason S Wrench

Jason S. Wrench (Ed.D., West Virginia University) is an associate professor and chair of the Communication Department at the State University of New York at New Paltz. Dr. Wrench has published numerous books on a variety of communication topics: Intercultural Communication: Power in Context, Communication, Affect, and Learning in the Classroom (2000, Tapestry Press), Principles of Public Speaking (2003, The College Network), Human Communication in Everyday Life: Explanations and Applications (2008, Allyn & Bacon), Quantitative Research Methods for Communication: A Hands-On Approach (2008 & 2013, Oxford University Press), The Directory of Communication Related Mental Measures (Summer 2010, National Communication Association), Stand Up, Speak Out: The Practice and Ethics of Public Speaking (2011, Flat World Knowledge), Communication Apprehension, Avoidance, and Effectiveness (2013, Allyn & Bacon), Training and Development: The Intersection of Communication and Talent Development in the Modern Workplace (2014, Kendall Hunt), and Organizational Communication: Theory, Research, and Practice (2015, Flat World Knowledge). Dr. Wrench has also edited a number of books: Casing Organizational Communication (2011, Kendall Hunt), Workplace Communication for the 21st Century: Tools and Strategies that Impact the Bottom Line: Vol. 1. Internal Workplace Communication, Vol. 2. External Workplace Communication (2013, both with Praeger), and Casing Public Relations (2014, Kendall Hunt). Dr. Wrench was the editor of the Ohio Communication Journal from 2005 to 2007, served as an associate editor for Communication Research Reports from 2007 to 2010, and has been on the editorial board of numerous academic journals. Furthermore, Dr. Wrench has published over 30 research articles that have appeared in various journals: Communication Quarterly, Communication Research Reports, Education, Human Communication, Journal of Homosexuality, Journal of Intercultural Communication, Southern Communication Journal, The Source: A Journal of Education, and The NACADA Journal (National Academic Advising Association).

Diana Tucker

Diana L. Tucker (Ph.D., Southern Illinois University Carbondale) is an academic coordinator in the College of Undergraduate Studies at Walden University. She coordinates the communication courses in the general education program and also teaches some of those courses. In addition, she acts as the coordinator for the Walden study abroad, internship, and public service courses in undergraduate education. Dr. Tucker’s specialty in teaching is public relations and organizational communication courses, although she has taught a wide variety of courses from basic interpersonal communication and public speaking to journalism. Her previous publications include cases in two earlier texts in Jason S. Wrench’s Casing series. In addition, she has published articles in an international sport journal, Football Studies, and has chapters in two edited books. Most of Dr. Tucker’s publications involve looking at the rhetoric of sport, specifically from the point of view of football coaches’ wives. She has presented over 50 papers and panels at regional and national conferences and serves as the vice chair elect for the Public Relations Division of the Central States Communication Association (CSCA). She has served CSCA as Chair of the Great Ideas For Teaching (GIFT) Division as well from 2010 to 2012. Dr. Tucker also serves as the vice president of publicity for the Women’s Club of Powell, Ohio.

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