Cell Biology Laboratory Manual

Author(s): Farida Safadi-Chamberlain

Edition: 5

Copyright: 2022

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Lab Session 1 Concentrations of Solutions, Accuracy, and Precision of Data Acquisition

Part 1: Concentrations of Solutions

Part 2: Accuracy and Precision of Data Acquisition

Lab Report 1

Lab Session 2 Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) Addendum

Lab Report 2

Lab Session 3 Enzymes I: Spectrophotometry and Partial Purification of Tyrosinase from Potato Tuber

Lab Report 3

Lab Session 4 Enzymes II: Effect of the Environment on Enzyme Activity

Lab Report 4

Lab Session 5 Enzymes III: Kinetic Analysis of the Tyrosinase Enzyme: Km and Vmax

Lab Report 5

Lab Session 6 Characterization of Proteins

Part 1: Protein Separation by Gel Electrophoresis

Part 2: Determining Protein Concentration

Lab Report 6

Lab Session 7 The Microsope

Part 1: Types and Proper Use

Lab Report 7

Lab Session 8 The Microcope

Part 2: Cells of Living Organisms

Lab Report 8

Lab Session 9 The Study of Cellular Functions

Part 1: Cell Organelle Isolation

Part 2: Isolation of Mitochondria: Respiration

Lab Report 9

Lab Session 10 The Study of Cellular Functions

Part 3: Isolation of Chloroplast: Hill Reaction

Lab Report 10

Lab Session 11 Fluorescence Microscopy: Immunostaining

Lab Report 11: TBD

Lab Session 12 The Hemocytometer

Determining Density and Viability of Cells in Suspension

Lab Report 12

Appendix I Graphing Basics and Graphing Instructions Using Excel 2013

Appendix II Plotting Protein Molecular Weight Standard Curve

Appendix III 2-Cylcle-Semilog Graphing Paper

Farida Safadi-Chamberlain

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