Chicano/a Studies Reader: A Bridge to Writing

Author(s): Roberta Orona-Cordova

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2003

Pages: 218


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Table of Contents

A Brief History of Chicano/a Studies
Introduction: Background
How to Use the Anticipation Guide
Suggested Activities Following the Poems
Journal Writing
The Writing Prompts
The Three-Page Technique
To the Student: What Is Active Reading?

Chapter Identity: Who Am I and How Do People See Me?
Anticipation Guide
Why Am I So Brown?
-Trinidad Sánchez, Jr.
Are You Mexican?
-Oriel Mar'a S. Bernal (Student Essay)
En las Ma-anitas
-Elizabeth Rodríguez Kessler
The Scholarship Jacket
-Marta Salinas
Chicana Identity Matters
-Deena J. González
Words to Learn

Chapter Revolution Is in the Classroom
Anticipation Guide
When You Look at Me
-Dr. Naomi H. Quionez
Message from the Borderlands to Chicana/o Educators: Seeking Peace, Social Justice, and Quality Schools in Unjust Times
-Theresa Montao
Chicana Resistance: Fostering College Aspirations
-Valerie Talavera-Bustillos
Words to Learn

Chapter 9/11: Its Impact on the Chicano/a Community
Anticipation Guide
on my father's grave, i swear
-Víctor Carrillo
September 11, 2001: The death of a promise?
-Lawrence Littwin
The "War on Terrorism": Thinking Critically in the Chicana/o Community
-David Rodríguez
Words to Learn

Chapter Addiction: Fiction, Fact, and Recovery
Anticipation Guide
The Playboy Lounge
-Diana Marie Delgado
Myths and Facts About Alcohol Abuse: A Latino Cultural Perspective
-Juana Mora
Targeting Hispanics
-Bruce Maxwell and Michael Jacobson
An Interview with Elena Contreras
Second Chance: An Interview with Dora Daniels
Lost and Found
-Maria Victoria
Words to Learn

Chapter Chicana/o Queers Speak Their Minds
Anticipation Guide
-Barbara Morales-Rossi
A Divided Nation: A Chicana Lósbica Critique
-Cherríe Moraga
Transgendered Mannerisms: A Chicana Lesbian Story
-Maria C. González
No Turning Back: Breaking Down the Closet Door
-Javier Ignacio Morelos
Words to Learn

Chapter A Fresh Look at Chicano/a-Themed Films
Anticipation Guide
Canción Villista
-Xocoyotzin Herrera
Mainstreaming the Dream: Spy Kids, The Messenger
-Vincent A. Gutiérrez
No Substitution: The Play vs. the Film Real Women Have Curves
-Fabiola Torres-Reyes
Social Imagineering in Disney's The Lion King: The Three :"C's"
-Gabriel Gutièrrez
Viva Chocolat
-Gerard Meraz
Salma's Frida: A Visual Feast, But Not without Its Disappointments
-Roberta Orona-Cordova
Words to Learn


Roberta Orona-Cordova

Roberta Orona-Cordova is a professor in Chicano/a Studies at California State, University, Northridge. She earned her B.A. in Rhetoric and Literature from U.C., Berkeley; an M.A. from San Francisco State University; and an MFA from the University of California, Los Angeles. Her teaching areas are creative writing, freshman composition, Mexican-American literature, and film history. The genesis of this anthology began in her summer writing workshop at the Le Rito Public Library in New Mexico—“Let’s Tell Stories.” Her four passions are reaching, writing, dancing, and spending time with her granddaughter.

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ISBN 9781465214386

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