A Citizen's Guide to Economics

Author(s): Cohick Mikel , James Richards, GIAN ARYANI

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2022


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A Citizen’s Guide to Economics helps readers understand the economics that affects them as they go about their daily lives – training and learning, working and earning, providing for their family, planning for the future, starting up and running a business, and being good citizens.

Written in an easy-to-read, jargon-free language, A Citizen’s Guide to Economics helps readers to understand and decipher what the news media and politicians are saying about the economy, more informed about what is happening in the world, and ultimately empowering them to thrive in their economic world.

A Citizen’s Guide to Economics by Mikel W. Cohick and James R. Richards:

  • Demonstrates how free trade, unfettered by intrusive government prohibitions and restrictions, is the clearest way to maximizing a society’s standard of living.
  • Analyzes the US economy by concentrating on inflation and unemployment rates – the two most significant macroeconomic variables.
  • Explains the impact of the Federal Reserve, Congress, and the President’s actions and interventions on the economy.
  • Is Easy to Adopt! Homework answers, a test bank, and PowerPoint lectures are provided to all adopting instructors.

In this 3rd edition, the authors have added business decision making in oligopoly, expanded their discussion of the tools of the Federal Reserve, included the economic results of the 2017 to 2018 tax and regulatory cuts and of the government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, and showed how the results of these responses triggered increase in inflation.


Chapter 1     The Basic Ideas of Economics

Chapter 2     How the Market System Works

Chapter 3     The Economics of Consumers

Chapter 4     The Economics of Business Firms: Costs, Profit, and Decision-Making

Chapter 5     The Economics of Business Firms: Business Organization and Market Structure

Chapter 6     The Economics of Government

Chapter 7     International Economics

Chapter 8     The Economics of Resource Markets

Chapter 9     Macroeconomic Measurements: Gross Domestic Product and Economic Growth

Chapter 10     Macroeconomic Measurements: Inflation and Unemployment

Chapter 11     Money and the Federal Reserve

Chapter 12     The Dynamics of the Macro Economy

Chapter 13     The Macro Model

Chapter 14     Macroeconomic Policies

Chapter 15     Economic Growth and Productivity

Chapter 16     Personal Financial Literacy

Cohick Mikel

Mikel Cohick, Ph.D., has been teaching economics for over 32 years.

James Richards

James Richards has extensive experience not only teaching economics and finance, but also as a successful venture capitalist.


Gian Aryani, Ph.D., started teaching Economics over 25 years ago and has also extensive experience as a former general manager in the design-build-invest industry.

I was wowed by the clarity of its explanations of various aspects of economic activity. It is an extremely accessible and concise discussion of what drives the economy. It's a great book if you're looking for an engaging, easy to read, basic text.
Brad Elledge, Educator

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