Clinical Exercise Physiology Laboratory Manual: Physiological Assessments in Health, Disease and Sport Performance

Author(s): Stephen F Crouse, J. Richard Coast, Gary Oden

Edition: 4

Copyright: 2022

Pages: 292


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Clinical Exercise Physiology Laboratory Manual is designed to be a practical teaching guide for training students and professionals in the skills to be applied to exercise testing and prescription for health and physical fitness. This text emphasizes the value in learning the techniques in exercise physiology as opposed to just designing experiments in which techniques can be applied. This teaching methodology allows the student or professional to be better prepared to apply techniques to real-life situations.

Clinical Exercise Physiology Laboratory Manual is a valuable resource for:

  • Exercise scientists
  • Clinical exercise physiologists
  • Sport physiologists
  • Cardiac rehabilitation specialists
  • Physical educators at the undergraduate and beginning graduate levels

Clinical Exercise Physiology Laboratory Manual details methods and procedures that prove to be valuable to any professional who may need an understanding, practical background, or detailed procedural guide in evaluating the many dimensions of health, physical fitness, and human performance. 


Chapter 1 Preparticipation Screening and Risk Stratification Prior to Exercise Testing and Prescription

Chapter 2 Ergometry: The Measurement of Work and Power

Chapter 3 Assessment of Speed, Anaerobic Power, and Anaerobic Capacity for Sport and Human Performance

Chapter 4 Testing of Muscle Strength, Endurance and Flexibility

Chapter 5 Pulmonary Function Testing

Chapter 6 The Measurement of Oxygen Uptake and Energy Expenditure

Chapter 7 Resting and Exercise Electrocardiography

Chapter 8 Measuring Resting and Exercise Blood Pressure

Chapter 9 Submaximal Exercise Testing for Estimating Aerobic Capacity

Chapter 10 The Symptom-Limited Maximal-Graded Exercise Test for Clinical and Sports Medicine Applications

Chapter 11 The Measurement of Body Composition

Chapter 12 Exercise Prescription for Aerobic Fitness in Healthy Populations

Chapter 13 Exercise Prescription for Musculoskeletal Fitness and Health

Appendix A Calibration of the Treadmill

Appendix B Calibration of the Cycle Ergometer

Appendix C Metabolic Calculations for Exercise Physiology

Stephen F Crouse

J. Richard Coast

Gary Oden

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ISBN 9781792499203

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