Closing the Loop: Assessing & Teaching Striving Readers

Author(s): Suzanne Rose

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2019

Pages: 348


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Closing the Loop: Assessing & Teaching Striving Readers guides teachers through the process of identifying and assisting students with reading difficulties. Beginning with the basics, this text covers different assessments that can be used to identify striving readers in Part I. Following the basics, Part II presents multiple different instructional strategies that can be used to aid in teaching striving readers. In the instructional strategies that are presented in Part II, the purpose of the activity is shown, followed by the steps of the activity. In the steps of the activities, the preparation required and implementation are reviewed.

Part I: The Basics
Chapter 1 Identifying Students with Reading Difficulties 
Chapter 2 Differentiating Literacy Instruction
Chapter 3 Informal Formative Assessment
Chapter 4 Standardized Assessments
Chapter 5 Informal Literacy Assessments: Emergent Literacy
Chapter 6 Informal Literacy Assessments: Prior Knowledge, Interests, and Motivation
Chapter 7 Informal Literacy Assessments: Word Skills
Chapter 8 Informal Literacy Assessments: Spelling
Chapter 9 Informal Literacy Assessments: Fluency
Chapter 10 Informal Literacy Assessments: Comprehension and Strategy Usage

Part II: Instructional Strategies
ABC Brainstorming
Alliterative Books
Alphabet Books/Personalized Alphabet Books
Alphabet Scavenger Hunt
Alphabet Thief
Analogic Phonics
Anticipation and Anticipation/Reaction Guides
Antiphonal Reading
Baseball Diamond Retelling
Being the Words
Big Books with Pointers/Shared Reading
Book Clubs
Carousel Brainstorming
Choral Reading
Clustering Activities
Collecting Words
Color Words
Concept Maps
Counting Words
DR-TA Directed Reading-Thinking Activity
Dough Alphabet/Pretzel Alphabet
Echo Reading/Pointing
Environmental Print Walk
Environmental Print Collage
Fact-Question-Response (FQR) Chart
Fingerpainting Letters
Flannel Board Retelling
Fluency Fast Phrases
Food Labels Alphabet
Green Means Go
Guess the Covered Word
Highlighter Sweep
Homographs and Accent/Stress (Supra-segmental Phonemes)
Hula Hoop Retelling
IBET (Text-Based Inferences)
Illustrate Word Meanings
Insert/Vip/Think Notes
Jumbled Sentences
K-W-L What I Know, What I Want to Know, What I Learned
Language Experience Approach (LEA)
Literature Circles
Literature Circle Roles
Little Book (Narrative)
Logographic Word Cards
Making Words
Making and Writing Words
Making Words Grow
Monitoring Logs
Morning Message
Onsets/Rime Flip Books, Slides, and Wheels
Onsets/Rimes in Nursery Rhymes/Poems
Partner Reading
Phrase-Cued Text
Picture Walk/Text Walk
Question-Answer-Relationships (QARs)
Radio Reading
Reading Bingo
Readers’ Theater
Repeated Reading for Performance
Rhythm Instrument Retelling
Say It Like the Character
Selective Deletion Cloze
Semantic Impressions/Story Impressions
Sentence Starters (Text-Dependent Questions)
Song Retelling
Story Glove
Story Interpretation
Story Map
Story Plot Map
Story Plot Map: Cumulative Text
Story Plot Map: Circular Text
Books with Cumulative and Circular Plot Structure
Story Pyramid
Story Retelling Beads
Story Retelling Slide
Story Slide Pattern
Story Souvenirs/Story Bits
Story Tableau
Supra-segmental Phonemes
Talking Drawings
Text Connections
Text Feature Walk
Text Features to Teach Students to Use
Text Pattern Graphic Organizers
Text Pattern Guide
Think Aloud (Modeling)
Think-Pair-Share and Turn and Talk
Unlikely Pairs
What Book?
Word Building with Letter Cubes
Word Detectives
Word Plays
Word Theater
Sample Word Theater Word Card
Write the Letter
Write the Story of the Picture

Suzanne Rose

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ISBN 9781524984847

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