College and Career Success: Concise Version

Author(s): Marsha Fralick, Seth Batiste

Edition: 9

Copyright: 2021


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9th Edition Now Available!

College and Career Success Concise 9th Edition is designed for one-two unit courses or for developmental students who need more time to read the material. It will help students have a successful journey through college and into their career with career planning and academic skills that will help them to successfully complete their education.

College & Career Success:

  • incorporates the latest research on motivation, positive psychology, mindset, and grit to improve the persistence rate of college students.
  • helps students choose a major by assessing their personality types, multiple intelligences, emotional intelligence, interests, and values.
  • includes an online portfolio with career assessment results and links to the O*Net database for career research.
  • translates the latest research in psychology, education, and neuroscience into practical learning strategies for students.
  • emphasizes the need for math success and provides practical strategies for studying math.
  • helps students think positively about the future, clarify what happiness means to them, and work toward attaining happiness in life.
  • has an interactive online edition, College & Career Success Online, Concise Edition.

College & Career Success Concise will enhance student learning through:

  • interactive activities that engage students in learning.
  • frequent quizzes and answer keys.
  • journal entries.
  • individual and group activities.
  • the accompanying College Success 1 website located at contains faculty and student resources including interactive classroom exercises, handouts, video suggestions, PowerPoint, test bank, Word documents for the journal entries, Internet links to supplemental content, and much more.


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Chapter 1 Understanding Motivation

Chapter 2 Choosing Your Major

Chapter 3 Managing Time and Money

Chapter 4 Using Brain Science to Improve Memory

Chapter 5 Using Brain Science to Improve Study Skills

Chapter 6 Taking Notes, Writing, and Speaking

Chapter 7 Test Taking

Chapter 8 Thinking Positively about the Future

Marsha Fralick

Dr. Marsha Fralick has been recognized as an Outstanding First-Year Student Advocate by the National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience and Students in Transition for excellence in teaching, curriculum development, and leadership over the last 43 years. She has brought together research in psychology, education, neuroscience, health, and career development to provide students with strategies for college, career, and lifelong success. Her college and career success materials are now used by community colleges and universities nationwide and in Canada. She has a doctorate from the University of Southern California with an emphasis in career counseling, a master’s degree in counseling from the University of Redlands, and a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and English from Arizona State University. She has a passion for helping students achieve their goals and dreams in life through developing a positive self-concept and increasing both their skills and motivation to achieve success.

Seth Batiste

Dr. Seth Batiste has worked extensively with developmental education students, especially those who come from backgrounds where barriers are prevalent. He has been a part of numerous initiatives impacting education for first year students, including Bill and Melinda Gates’ Completion by Design and Texas Completes. He has been in education for nearly 25 years, starting his profession as an elementary bilingual teacher before working with low socioeconomic Latinx and Black students to prepare them for college. Dr. Batiste has conducted university and community college research on student educational experiences. He works with K-12 and higher education institutions to help develop successful college-going and career-focused strategies. He has an advanced academic background in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Houston and a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies in the School of Business Management at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas. He credits much of his success to his family: Shivaughn (wife) and three kids, Stanton, Sullivan, and Sienna. In addition to domestic studies, Dr. Batiste has studied at Universidad de Salamanca in Spain and The University of the West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago.

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ISBN 9781792464959

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